Instructions for use and description of the herbicide Totril

Instructions for use and description of the herbicide Totril

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The use of Totril herbicide produces excellent results. With the help of this substance, it is possible to provide onions and garlic with reliable protection against weeds. The drug helps to cope with deciduous annuals. To use the product as efficiently as possible, you must strictly follow the instructions. Safety rules are also important.

Composition and release form of Totril

The active ingredient of the herbicide is ioxynil. The volume of this substance in 1 liter is 225 grams. The tool is produced by the popular Bayer company. The composition is sold as a concentrated emulsion. Available in containers of 30 or 500 milliliters, as well as 5 liters.

Weeds that can be eliminated

The herbicide helps control such weeds:

  • Mary white;
  • spreading quinoa;
  • shepherd's bag;
  • sunflower carrion;
  • field nondescript;
  • field mustard;
  • small-colored galinsoga.

This is not a complete list of weeds that can be destroyed by using a herbicide.

Principle of operation

The basis of the product is a special chemical substance - ioxynil. When it hits the surface of the foliage of a dicotyledonous weed, the process of photosynthesis is disrupted in the structure.

It is possible to obtain noticeable results several hours after treatment. As a result, the foliage becomes yellow and begins to dry out. The weed dies in 10-15 days.

Benefits of the drug

The key benefits of Totril herbicide include the following:

  • effective against most dangerous dicotyledonous weeds;
  • a wide period of use - the composition can be used at the stage of 2-6 leaves in treated plants;
  • the possibility of adding the composition in several stages;
  • no impact on the structure of the soil;
  • lack of phytotoxicity - the composition does not pose a danger to cultivated plants.

Consumption rate

The dosage of the herbicide depends on the variety of plants that need protection:

  1. Bow. To protect such plantings, it is recommended to take 30 milliliters of the product and mix it with 4 liters of water. Process crops at the stage of appearance of 3-6 leaves. One hundred square meters will require 30 milliliters of herbicide. It is allowed to process the beds in this way only if the onion is not grown for feathers.
  2. Onions when used separately. For 4 liters of water, it is recommended to take 15 milliliters of the drug. The product is used in the phase of 1-2 leaves.
  3. Garlic for cloves. For spraying such beds, it is recommended to take 30 milliliters per 7 liters of water. The composition is applied at the stage of 2-3 leaves.
  4. Winter garlic. It is recommended to take 30 milliliters of herbicide per 7 liters of water. The substance is used in the phase of 2-3 leaves.

Preparation of working solution

To obtain a working solution, it is recommended to fill the sprayer tank by a third with clean water and turn on the agitator.

Add the required amount of herbicide and then add the required amount of water.

It is recommended to use the working fluid immediately after use.

How to use the ready-made mixture

To achieve success in processing plants, the instructions will have to be followed clearly. For spraying plantings, only a freshly prepared solution is used. The composition is recommended for use in the morning or evening. To avoid getting the funds on neighboring plants, it is worth handling the plantings in calm and calm weather.

The product can be used for all generations of garlic and onions. The exception is the crops that are planned to be grown on feathers. It is best to process plants at the stage of formation of 1-6 pairs of leaves.

For onions, the standard consumption is 1.5-3 liters per hectare. The amount of working fluid is 300-400 liters per hectare.

There are several methods for using the tool:

  1. The halves method. In this case, the drug is applied in 2 doses - 1-1.5 liters per 1 hectare. For the first time, the composition is introduced at the stage of 1-2 leaves, the second - as the weed grows. This can be done before the formation of 6 true leaves.
  2. Quarter method. It is recommended to apply the drug 4 times in a volume of 0.7 liters per 1 hectare. For the first time, the agent is used in step 1 of the sheet. The next 3 times are used with an interval of 7-8 days.

It is recommended to process garlic when 2-3 true leaves appear. 1 hectare requires 1.5-2 liters of substance. This dosage is relevant for spring planting with teeth. For a winter plant, you will need 1.5-3 liters of funds per hectare.

It is allowed to loosen the aisles a week after using the herbicide.

Herbicide safety

In order for the use of Totril to bring results and not cause negative consequences, it is worth following the following recommendations:

  1. You do not need to spray the beds less than 6 hours before precipitation. If the solution is partially washed off, do not repeat the treatment. This will cause damage to the plants.
  2. Do not spray crops that have suffered stress. These include fungal infections, pest attacks, unfavorable climatic factors - for example, drought or frost.
  3. During the first week after treatment, it is prohibited to loosen the row spacings.
  4. Do not use the herbicide for the treatment of greenhouses.

Do not combine the agent in tank mixtures with other substances that are used to protect crops.

The degree of toxicity of the drug

The product does not accumulate in the main crop and does not affect the soil structure.

Compatibility with other substances

The drug is not recommended to be combined with other protective agents in tank mixtures.

Terms and conditions of storage of funds

It is recommended to store the herbicide in a dry and dark place. It is forbidden to keep the substance near foodstuffs.

It is important to ensure that Totril is protected from children and pets.


To cope with weeds in the beds with garlic and onions, it is permissible to use the following means:

  • Stomp;
  • Lontrel;
  • Gezagard.

The herbicide Totril is highly effective and successfully destroys weeds. To achieve good results, you should strictly follow the instructions.

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