Potato "Gourmet": a variety with lilac pulp

Potato "Gourmet": a variety with lilac pulp

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Potato "Gourmet" is a fairly popular and exotic variety. The description of the variety reveals its qualities, unusual for vegetable growers who practice growing traditional varieties of potatoes.

Grade description

Potato bushes of this variety are semi-upright, medium in size. Plant height is from 50 to 70 cm. Corollas of flowers are white, with characteristic black stamens. The tubers have an oval-round shape, the skin is dark purple, with a weak mesh. The color of the pulp is unusual: from faint blue to pronounced dark purple. The eyes are of medium size.

By maturity, a potato called "Gourmet" is classified as medium early, forming tubers in 75-80 days. A variety of tableware. Potential yield varies from 35 to 40 t / ha, and the average number of tubers reaches 14 pieces. As a rule, the mass of one tuber does not exceed 110-115 grams. Potato starchiness of this variety is over 16%. Tubers are characterized by a high percentage of dry matter in potato juice, and the taste is slightly different from other varieties.

The plant is very resistant to damage by potato cancer, has an average resistance to late blight. The variety "Gourmet" is rather weakly affected by common scab. The shelf life of the harvest is relatively good, and tubers can be used fresh for cooking salads and for cooking for a long time.

Potato varieties "Gourmet" refers to dietary products, which is due to the presence in the pulp of tubers of antioxidants that contribute to the removal of radionuclides from the body. In addition, regular consumption of it helps to reduce the level of heart disease and helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Potato "Gourmet": exotic variety

Agricultural technology

Potato is a culture of moderate climatic conditions, which grows very well and develops with sufficient moisture, also in semi-arid and arid areas. For early and mid-early varieties, the average daily temperature should not be lower than 10-15 ° C. Vegetable culture is characterized by the intensity of nutrient intake from the soil, the optimal pH level of which should be 5.0-5.5.

The longer the growing season, the higher will be the productivity of the potato bush and the starchiness of the tubers. To increase productivity and get high-quality gourmet potato tubers, you must follow these tips:

  • it is best to grow potatoes in areas with cohesive sandy loam, as well as peaty and light loamy soils, enriched with a significant amount of humus;
  • when cultivating potatoes on medium loamy, as well as on heavy loamy soils, it is extremely important to maintain sufficient soil friability throughout the growing season;

  • small seed should be planted more often, and when using medium and large tubers for planting, it is worthwhile to maintain a greater distance (medium-sized tubers must be placed with a distance of 30 cm with a planting depth of 5-10 cm);
  • germination of potato tubers during cultivation of this variety in moist areas in the western and northwestern regions, where there is a high risk of potato late blight;
  • watering immediately after planting the seed material is practically not needed, especially since in the spring period a sufficient supply of moisture in the soil is maintained.

As fertilizers for each bush, 5.5 g of superphosphate, 3.5 g of potassium chloride, 2.5 g of ammonium nitrate or 11 g of nitrophosphate should be used. Hilling of potato bushes is very important agricultural value. which helps to increase the loose soil layer and creates optimal conditions for the formation of new tubers. It should be remembered that early harvesting of potatoes significantly reduces productivity, but very often it is an economically viable measure.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

The propagation of the seed material of such potatoes, which has a peel and pulp of blue-violet staining, is carried out by the agricultural company "SeDeK". A small number of reviews by vegetable growers about the Gourmet potato variety indicates its insufficient popularity in our country, due to the unusual and exotic appearance of the tubers. Vegetable growers have relatively recently begun to cultivate potato varieties with an unusual color of pulp, including not only Gourmet, but also French Truffle, Chinese Truffle, and Lilac.

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