Potato "Bellarosa": the best variety of German selection

Potato "Bellarosa": the best variety of German selection

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Potato "Bellarosa" is an early ripe table variety. The originator of the variety is the company "Europlant Pflanzenzucht-Gmbh". Potatoes of the Bellarosa variety were included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements ten years ago and are recommended for cultivation in the Russian Federation on the territory of the Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth and Ural regions.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Bellarosa" - a tall plant, intermediate type, upright. Corolla of flowers of medium size, red-violet staining. The leaves are large, closed type. The root crops are oval-round in shape, covered with a slightly rough skin of a reddish hue and have small eyes. The pulp is beige and yellow. Starchiness indicators are 12.6-15.7%. The average weight of the root crop varies from 117 to 207 g.

"Bellarosa "is characterized by resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer and the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. The variety is early ripe and allows you to get a fairly early harvest. The total yield is 169-326 kg / ha. The taste of potatoes is rated as good. The standard yield of root crops of a high-grade species varies from 82% to 99%. Harvesting is carried out already a couple of months after planting.

Planting potatoes

Planting potatoes of the Bellarosa variety is best placed on the site after such vegetable crops as cabbage, cucumbers or legumes, adhering to the standard 60 x 35 cm pattern with 8-10 cm deepening of planting material. Landing is carried out in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • A prerequisite for obtaining a high yield is the correct pre-planting preparation of tubers, which includes germination in the light and processing not only with disinfectants, but also with special growth stimulators intended for vegetable crops.
  • For planting, it is advisable to prepare the site in the autumn period, after deep digging with the introduction of basic fertilizers. It is best to use rotted manure at this stage.
  • In the spring, planting is carried out in an ordinary way according to the recommended scheme. A handful of fertile soil mix with wood ash is added to the planting holes.
  • Depending on the type of soil and climatic features in the cultivation region, you can choose one of the planting methods: smooth, on ridges or on earthen ridges.
  • Planting dates in each case are selected individually and not only rely on the characteristics and description of the variety, but also take into account weather conditions and climate.

After planting, the soil surface should be carefully but carefully leveled with a rake.

Potato: planting under the mulch

Care Features

Potato "Bellarosa" is one of the most promising and unpretentious varieties, a feature of which is the ability to form a high and high-quality crop, even in fairly difficult conditions.

The potato grower needs to know some of the features of planting care.

  • Care should be taken to maintain cleanliness and timely weed removal.
  • After heavy rainfall, as well as irrigation measures taken to prevent the formation of soil crust, it is necessary to carry out shallow loosening of the soil.
  • To obtain the most healthy and high-quality, environmentally friendly vegetable products, it is recommended to use manure or chicken droppings diluted in water as well as humus as fertilizers.
  • In case of insufficient growth and development of plants due to the reduced amount of nutrients in the soil, it is advisable to carry out foliar top dressing with complex fertilizers or the main macro- and microelements that make up the majority of modern fertilizers for vegetable crops.

For potatoes of the Bellarosa variety, the main fungal and viral lesions are not too scary, but Colorado potato beetle attacks are becoming more frequent every year. With a small amount of this plant parasite during planting, it is recommended to manually collect adult beetles and larvae. Mass damage to plants by a pest requires the use of modern and most effective chemical means of protection.

You can also familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Rodrigo potatoes.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Reviews of potato growers and gardeners about this variety of German selection unanimously characterize Bellarosa potatoes only from the best side. The variety is described as stably yielding, resistant to drought, and also slightly affected by diseases and viruses. The resistance of root crops to mechanical damage is at a very high level, and when harvesting, almost 99% of root crops retain their marketable appearance. This potato variety stands out very favorably against the background of a large number of other early varieties with excellent keeping quality of the crop.

Potato "Bellarosa": harvest

Potato cultivars "Bellarosa" has proven itself both when growing on small plots of land and when cultivated by farms for the purpose of further sale. An important property of the variety is a rather long dormant phase. When harvesting in the last summer month, the seed material is perfectly preserved in the cellar and germinates later than most other early varieties. Landing is not difficult, and the shoots appear early, very friendly, and as strong as possible.