Features of the grape variety "White Wonder"

Features of the grape variety "White Wonder"

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Grapes "White Wonder" is a hybrid form, which was obtained as a result of crossbreeding carried out by VNIIViV them. Ya. I. Potapenko in Russia. Varieties "Original" and "Delight" were used as the parent pair in the selection.

Grade characteristics

The hybrid form "White Miracle" is known to many under the names "OV-6-Pk" or "Song". Early-ripening table grapes can be harvested after 110 days. This hybrid form is currently being tested in Belarus.

Biological description

The bushes of grapes are undersized or medium. Large clusters are formed on the bushes, having a pronounced cylindrical shape and average density indices. The standard weight of one grape brush varies from 700 to 900 g. Shoots are characterized by early ripening.

The vine in most cases ripens completely (at least 85%). The total volume of fruitful shoots is 75%. Each bush forms about 50 eyes. Bisexual flowers.


Berries are large and oval. The main color is white, when ripe on the sunny side, the color of the thin skin acquires a yellow tint. Fully ripened berries have juicy fleshy flesh, harmonious taste (refreshing and sweet, with a subtle sourness). Sugar content varies between 18-19% with an acidity of 6-7 g / l. Tasting score - 7.9 points.

Advantages and disadvantages

Grapes "White Wonder" was appreciated by professional winegrowers and amateur gardeners:

  • good transportability and keeping quality;
  • large beautiful clusters;
  • sweet refreshing taste of berries;
  • grape brushes are stored on bushes for a long time and do not lose their taste;
  • frost resistance of fruit buds reaches -25 ° C;
  • consistently high-quality ripening of the vine;
  • good compatibility with stocks.

However, there are also assortments that are important to consider when cultivating. For example, the fragility and fragility of an annual vine.

Grapes "White Wonder": characteristics of the variety

Landing rules

When planting seedlings of the White Wonder variety, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • the soil for planting grapes of this hybrid form must pass air well and warm up with sunlight;
  • Immediately before preparing the planting pits, dig up the soil or carry out deep loosening of the soil;
  • the planting pit must be partially covered with a nutritious soil mixture consisting of humus, sand and wood ash in equal proportions;
  • prepared seedlings should be planted on a small mound at the bottom of the landing pit;
  • the root system of the seedling should be spread on the surface of the planting mound of nutrient soil and carefully covered with earth.

Immediately after planting, the seedlings are tied to a support and watered abundantly. Recommended landing in the spring: from the second decade of April to the end of May.

Care Features

Standard care for grapes of this variety consists in the implementation of the following measures:

  • loosening the soil and removing weeds around the vine;
  • pruning thin or weakened plant roots;
  • preventive spraying with Bordeaux mixture against basic diseases and pests;
  • moderate watering (no more than four during the growing season);
  • timely tying of long shoots;
  • regular application of mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • Shelter of grape bushes during steady cooling in order to protect against freezing.

The optimal load level for each grape bush is 30-35 eyes. Pruning fruiting vines should be carried out for 6-8 eyes.

Diseases and Pests

Resistance to disease is 2.5 points. "White Miracle" is highly resistant to mildew, oidium and gray rot. Wasps are practically not damaged.

Compliance with preventive measures in the form of spraying significantly reduces the risk of damage to the grapes of the described variety by diseases and pests.

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Gardeners reviews

According to experienced winegrowers, the variety is fully consistent with the stated indicators: it collects sugar at the end of August, has a good ratio of sugar content and acidity, has a noble taste and a beautiful yellowish color, which is formed when grown in sunny areas.

However, it should be borne in mind that in the early years of growing buds, they may wake up uncharacteristically late for the variety. If the foliage is affected by late return frosts, it is recommended to cut off the upper part of the vine, which has a wrinkled bark that has departed from the cambium, and then lay the vine on the ground and cover with high-quality non-woven covering materials.

How to grow grapes

Variety "White Wonder" can be characterized as a promising hybrid form of table grapes, which is optimally suitable for cultivation in the homestead vineyard. Although the yield and quality of berries may vary depending on the region of cultivation, the variety is successfully cultivated in the suburbs, where he managed to establish himself as unpretentious and sustainable.