The best children's water rides for summer cottages

The best children's water rides for summer cottages

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Spending time at the cottage is loved not only by adults, but also by children. And so we must come up with something very fun and interesting for the kids so that they are enthusiastic and not interfere with dads and mothers. There is a proposal to establish water rides in the country.

It just so happened that everything for children is too expensive. Children's clothes, toys, sports equipment - all this is difficult to buy, and therefore we try to choose either budget items, or do them yourself.

Regarding water rides for summer cottages, the price is generally sky-high. One has only to look at the manufacturers' offers for the simplest inflatable pools to see this. But we will surely be able to quickly and inexpensively collect unique buildings for small hooligans, and perhaps a small water park in the country, to ensure a good and fun holiday.

Precautions: which water rides are dangerous

At first glance, it might seem that this is not the best start for a review of our homemade products. However, we are simply obligated to warn you about what could be dangerous in water installations. As much as possible avoiding materials and elements specified by specialists, as well as following advice on proper installation, each parent will be able to assemble a water structure that will be absolutely safe for children.

Let's talk about trampolines

A small trampoline will become one of the most beloved attractions, especially if it is located above the pool. You can jump one by one, play with friends, flop into the water and douse everyone with splashes. But this activity is dangerous for some reason.

Initially, we want to pay attention to non-compliance with the assembly parameters. The use of inexpensive elements and special accessories of poor quality often leads to the fact that the trampoline breaks under the weight and goes to the side. In addition, there is always the opportunity to jump out of a safe area above the water and land, say, outside the pool or on board. Unpleasant situations are possible, and therefore it is better to exclude trampolines, especially homemade ones, from the list of attraction elements.

The only completely safe option is an inflatable trampoline with closed end parts, which is installed in the middle of the pool.

About the safety of slides

Next, you should consider the slide. Honestly, water rides without slides are generally uninteresting. Therefore, we will not exclude them, but simply tell you how to avoid dangerous moments.

  • The slide should be light, but firmly installed so that from an overabundance of children on the upper platform, it does not fall on its side.
  • The slide should be purchased from plastic, while on the sliding surface there should be no protruding fasteners and sharp corners that can be injured.
  • It is very important that the slide for the pool was small in height, with insurance on the stairs.

You should know that inflatable slides are not only cheaper, but also considered safer.

Most dangerous elements

And finally, the element that should not be installed on a summer cottage attraction at all - a tube for descent or swimming, filled with water. There are both plastic and inflatable pipes, which are quite interesting, as they represent a closed space for descent or a small maze. Such an element is extremely dangerous, so we recommend that you refrain from buying it.

Also, you should always think about the quality service of the attraction. Water purification, temperature conditions, acidity and other indicators. For this, special equipment for swimming pools is being purchased today, which is very easy to find. But it must be of high quality, and also installed in such a way that children do not have access to it during games.

Inflatable trampoline: water slide

Regardless of the fact that water rides are special facilities that can slightly distract kids from very busy parents, you need to once and for all learn one rule: never, even if you are very busy, do not leave children unattended. At least one adult must keep an eye on the crowd of tomboys on whom life vests should be worn!

Self-assembly of a water attraction

Many potential buyers are interested in: is it possible to assemble a water attraction with your own hands? Naturally, a buyer is interested in such a question first of all, because if something is bought in parts, and not in a whole set, then you need to know for sure whether self-assembly will be successful to obtain a working water construction. Our experts say that the process is not only real, but also as simple as possible. For the main parts of a summer cottage attraction, which are an inflatable or frame pool, as well as a slide and special equipment, step-by-step instructions, and sometimes disks with assembly videos, are added to the kit. Therefore, self-assembly is sure to succeed. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, then be sure to ask a question in a special section of our website.

Choosing a place to install an attraction for children

Installation of a mini water park is possible in any corner of the summer cottage, where it will be most convenient. But the most correct decision would be to follow some tips from professionals:

  • Installation of a children's water structure is carried out in immediate visual accessibility, preferably no more than 8-10 meters from a place of rest for adults;
  • It is advisable to install a water attraction in an open area with good sunlight or in partial shade if the summer was very hot;
  • Also think about the need to supply water, its discharge into the sewer or garden. For this you need a close location of communications.

The best options for children's water facilities

Today there are a sufficient number of offers, thanks to which the buyer can choose according to price, quality, appearance, general purpose, amount of entertainment for one building and so on. But today we will present you with those options that are in greatest demand and at the same time are inexpensive. Many of them do not look like a water park and assemble on their own. But it seems to us that these are just the best ideas that most people will like!

Water Playground "Summer Rain"

The simplest water facility for a summer residence, which is easily assembled with your own hands. Compared to slides, pipes, trampolines and other elements, it is not so common, but children really like it!

This attraction is built around a children's inflatable pool. The construction is a complex of pipes, watering cans and nozzles that water the kids with warm water. Installation of elements is possible in any convenient order, due to which water pours from above, from the side and even splashes from below, like a fountain.

For assembly, you need a set of pipes and nozzles, water pressure regulators, as well as a pump for the pool, thanks to which water will constantly circulate.

It is worth considering the option of some change in such a water structure. For example, when the design of pipes and watering can be installed on the lawn or lawn, and not above the pool. Thus, kids just can run under the trickles of water and have fun.

Element "King of the Hill" for the pool

This element is very popular on the coasts and in water parks, where, as you know, the main visitors to the attraction are adults. But we need something that will help organize safe fun for children, and therefore we can choose a small size inflatable structure that will be installed in the middle of the pool. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the “defeated” and thrown off the mountain during such an energetic and interesting competition!

Plain inflatable slide and pool

Similar elements of the construction of large complexes, or in a separate form, are sold in many retail outlets. And therefore, it will not be difficult to find a children's water construction of good quality.

The slide is installed separately in the pool, near it, or already comes in a single set. The descent falls closer to the middle of the pool, and also at a distance from the sides. The slide is constantly poured with water to facilitate descent and minimize injuries, for example, skin burns from friction against a dry surface of the descent.

The water attraction is very interesting and is suitable for the simultaneous use of a crowd of kids.

Water ball for the children's pool

Almost everyone saw a water ball and knows exactly how ridiculous its use in the pool can be.

A man is placed in a hollow ball. Then the ball fastens and lowers to the surface of the water. Due to the movements of a person inside, the ball moves randomly, moves randomly and the person inside falls, stumbles, flips. In fact, it looks very funny, but the most fun inside the ball is for someone who dares to become a member of this attraction.

There are water balls for children's pools. They are very popular with fidgets. It is worth letting a child inside once, and this can become his favorite toy.

A mandatory requirement for using a water ball for a child is the presence of an adult assistant, as well as the correct filling of the pool so that the ball does not roll out of the bowl.

Inflatable boats and catamarans for a summer water park

Miniature copies of adult boats, bananas, pills, scooters, catamarans are also very popular. It may just be an inflatable toy, similar to the original, but it should be as close as possible to a real water vehicle, even in its functional part.

Children like these toys very much, as they not only ride them around the pool, but also prescribe certain scenarios for their games, imagining themselves to be real ship captains.

Water rides: species diversity

There is always the opportunity to create water rides for children with your own hands, and to do this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. We are sure that many of our readers have already come up with something similar or copied the original idea, making the entertainment in their summer cottage even more interesting for their child. Therefore, if you have a desire to share a similar idea, we are waiting for your comments!