Instructions for the use of Agromaster and the composition of the fertilizer, consumption rates

Instructions for the use of Agromaster and the composition of the fertilizer, consumption rates

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Healthy, strong plants are the key to a full-fledged harvest. For this, it is required to provide the plants with the necessary conditions: humidity, temperature, nutrient soil, treatment from pests and diseases. Top dressing also plays a significant role. Without it, the soil is quickly depleted, and the yield drops sharply. To prevent this from happening, the introduction of complex fertilizers with microelements is required, for example, top dressing with Agromaster.

Composition, release form and types of fertilizers

The group of fertilizers "Agromaster" is distinguished by its efficiency and is in great demand among agricultural producers. The preparations contain the main chemical components (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) and a whole range of essential trace elements, including chelated ones in the form of EDTA (zinc, copper, iron and manganese). They are distinguished by a stable acid-base balance, which is beneficial for plants. Does not contain chlorine, sodium and carbonates, which worsen the condition of the soil and plantings.

"Agromaster" is a completely water-soluble microcrystalline fertilizer. Available in 25 kg bags. The line is extensive, designed for almost all types of plants - vegetables, berries, fruits, decorative. Each type of product has its own composition, indicated on the package as a percentage of the main and auxiliary elements.

The principle of operation and scope of "Agromaster"

"Agromaster" is used extremely widely: for root and foliar dressing, in hydroponic systems of various types, for drip irrigation. The product is distinguished by its high chemical purity and is completely soluble in water, forming an effective working solution. Due to the rapid penetration, the plants actively grow roots and green mass, enter the flowering and fruiting period earlier, and give a greater yield.

Instructions for use

"Agromaster" is used on all types of agricultural and ornamental crops to enhance immunity, resistance to pests and negative manifestations of the environment. Fertilizers also help to replenish nutritional deficiencies, increase yields, and help reduce the amount of nitrates in foods.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

The most commonly used is a universal variety of "Agromaster", containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in equal parts (20:20:20). To increase yields, it is better to choose the option with a large amount of phosphorus.

"Agromaster" can be used for different types of irrigation and processing due to the variety of options on the market. It is necessary to dilute products in strict adherence to the attached instructions.

For foliar feeding

This method is applied if necessary, no more than once every 7 days. The working solution can be combined with pesticides to make processing easier and faster. 2-3 kilograms of dry fertilizer are used per hectare of area, the consumption of the working mixture is 100-250 liters per hectare. The processing rules are identical to the requirements for the use of any pesticide:

  1. Do not spray in direct sunlight, windy or wet weather.
  2. Avoid contact with open body parts and mucous membranes.
  3. Use personal protective equipment.
  4. Do not exceed the fertilizer dosage recommended by the instructions.

If the rules are followed, foliar feeding turns out to be as effective as possible, useful for plants, safe for people, pollinating insects and the environment as a whole.


To obtain a nutrient solution, use from 0.5 to 2 grams of "Agromaster" per liter of clean water. Consumption for each day is 5-15 kilograms of fertilizer per hectare of planting. The same amount of the drug is used in drip irrigation installations.

To stimulate growth

The most common method is to fertilize the soil while watering. This helps plants to quickly adapt to the conditions of open or closed ground, simulates the growth of the root system, effective growth of shoots and foliage, the formation of buds and flowers, ovaries and fruits. When feeding "Agromaster", larger, sweeter and juicy fruits with a low nitrate content are obtained.

In the open field, plants are fed 3-5 times during the growing season, at the rate of 20-30 grams of the product per 10 liters of water, with a consumption of 4-10 liters of solution per square meter of area.

Indoors, 2-3 grams of "Agromaster" are used per liter, the soil is pre-watered so as not to provoke a root burn.


"Agromaster" belongs to the 4th class of safety, that is, it is not a risk factor for humans. However, working with any fertilizer requires certain protective measures:

  1. Wearing work clothes with long legs and sleeves. This prevents the product from getting on open skin or mucous membranes.
  2. Eyes must be protected with goggles, respiratory organs - with a mask or respirator.
  3. Wear rubber gloves on your hands.
  4. During processing, do not eat, drink, smoke, talk.
  5. After completing the work, you must take a shower and change your clothes.

If Agromaster gets on the skin or mucous membranes, rinse the affected areas quickly and abundantly with running water. Doctors should be consulted if there is a deterioration in well-being. But this usually does not happen with Agromaster.

Storage rules

Varieties of "Agromaster" must be stored separately from food products, medicines and household chemicals, in dark and cool rooms. Do not leave preparations in the sun, and the ready-made working solution can be stored for up to a day in an open container.


Due to the dozens of available variations of "Agromaster", it is impossible to find full-fledged analogues of the fertilizer. Compared to the existing preparations, Agromaster fertilizers have a pronounced chemical purity, due to which they are compatible with the main pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture and in private plots.

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