Description of the potato variety Koroleva Anna, features of cultivation and care

Description of the potato variety Koroleva Anna, features of cultivation and care

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Potatoes are rightfully called the second bread, because the dishes made from it are hearty, tasty and allow you to keep the feeling of satiety for a long time. Potatoes Koroleva Anna fell in love with gardeners for their stable yield and resistance to most diseases of agricultural crops. The variety has recently been entered into the state register. Delicious pulp, high yield, ease of cultivation and this is not all the positive properties of the variety.

Description of potato variety Koroleva Anna

For the potato variety Anna, the description begins with a description of the origin. The variety was bred by breeders from Germany. In 2015 it was included in the state register as suitable for cultivation in the Middle Volga region.

Potatoes Koroleva Anna belongs to universal varieties with early ripening of tubers. From the moment of planting potatoes in the soil until harvesting, it takes from 80 to 90 days. It is advisable to dig up potatoes before the end of the growing season. The conditional maturity of the crop occurs earlier than the technical one.

The characteristic of the bush is that the shoots of the potato are spreading. Mature shrubs are erect or semi-erect, medium in size. Leaves of a typical shape for most varieties of potatoes. The surface of the leaf is wrinkled with slight pubescence. The shade is dark green. There are many inflorescences on the bush, the shade of the petals is white, the corolla is large.

Among the properties of the Koroleva Anna variety, they are distinguished by resistance to most diseases of agricultural crops. These are scab, viral diseases, potato cancer. Average immunity to fusarium wilting of the bush.

The description of the variety will be incomplete without the characteristics of the climatic zones of growing potatoes. Due to the early ripening of the tubers, the variety is grown in all regions. In arid climates, additional watering is required.

Characteristics of tubers

Root crops of the Koroleva Anna variety have a yellow skin and pulp. Young potatoes have a thin, smooth peel that hardens after harvesting. There are few eyes on the skin and most are located on the surface. This placement of the eyes makes the roots easy to clean and cook.

Among the properties of tubers, it should be noted that they differ in commercial qualities and are suitable for sale.

The parameters of root crops include an oval shape, slightly oblong and elongated. The average tuber weight ranges from 85 to 115. The length of the potato is from 110 cm. The starch content in the root crop is 13–20%. It is possible to predict the amount of starch if you pay attention to the ratio of sunny and rainy days.

In dry summers, the starch content will be much higher. The amount of fertilizer applied per season also affects the amount of starch.

The yield parameters exceed the average values ​​of the Middle Volga region. From 1 hectare it will be possible to harvest from 400 to 450 kg of potatoes. During harvesting of potatoes that have reached technical maturity, small tubers are rare. The tubers have a pleasant taste with a strong potato aroma. The tubers have no bitterness, a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing potatoes Koroleva Anna

No significant drawbacks were found in the cultivation of Koroleva Anna potatoes. Unless in rare cases, the bushes begin to hurt. In dry weather, plants need watering. Potatoes have average resistance to drought and heat.

Advantages of potatoes:

  • Early ripening of tubers.
  • Immunity to crop diseases.
  • Suitable for frying and cooking other potato dishes.
  • High palatability of the pulp.
  • Root crops are large, of a beautiful even shape.
  • High carotene content.
  • After harvesting, it is stored for a long time without spoiling.
  • The eyes are located on the surface.
  • Suitable for cultivation on any type of soil.

The potato variety Koroleva Anna is unpretentious in care. Potatoes are suitable for growing in all regions.

Diseases and pests of potatoes

Features of root crops in their resistance to diseases of agricultural crops. Increase disease resistance by fertilizing. Do not plant potatoes near tomatoes or in areas where tomatoes have recently grown. These two crops suffer from the same diseases and the risk of potato infestation is high when replanting.

As a preventive measure, the bushes are sprayed with drugs for late blight. It is advisable to process plants on a dry, windless day.

The main enemy of the potato is the Colorado potato beetle. Bugs and larvae gnaw leaves, stems and roots. Insects are harvested by hand if the area is small. But this method is laborious and does not always bring the desired results. The best option is to spray the bushes with herbicides. Processing is carried out on a dry warm day. It is important that prolonged rains do not start after spraying.

Features of growing potatoes

Varieties with an early ripening period are planted at the end of April (if the weather is warm) and in May. A week before planting, the tubers are sorted out and discarded the spoiled roots gnawed by rodents. Potato Queen Anna needs additional lighting before planting in the soil.

They are engaged in tubers even before planting. Green tubers are suitable for planting. They are unsuitable for food due to the high content of corned beef. Such seeds germinate better next year.

A large number of large root crops are formed in the bush, so the distance between the holes must be left at least 20 cm. The type of soil is not important, the seeds germinate on any type of soil. The wells are moistened before planting.

It should be borne in mind that early ripening varieties are rarely stored for a long time, therefore, Queen Anna must be dug up immediately for food or consumed first after harvest. It is important to observe the storage conditions so that the roots remain in good condition for a long time. The recommended room temperature is zero. Preference should be given to dry, dark rooms with low humidity levels.

Special requirements are imposed on the tubers if mineral and organic fertilizers are applied to the soil several times per season. Queen Anne responds positively to such events and the yield doubles.

Reviews about the variety from summer residents

Reviews of potatoes Queen Anna from summer residents who grew the variety on their site.

Valentina, 45 years old:

“They prefer to take tubers for seedlings from friends, and before that take some potatoes for a sample. This time, a friend advised me to buy potatoes Koroleva Anna. She had few tubers and had to buy. I planted several holes at the end of May. After 3 months, they began to dig the first holes of the young potato. The tubers have a pleasant, sweet taste. Queen Anna is planted every season and is always happy with everything. I recommend this variety for growing. "

Oksana, 34 years old:

“We plant potatoes every year and prefer yellow potatoes, which are less watery than white ones. We tried more than one variety of potatoes. We got acquainted with the Koroleva Anna variety a long time ago, several years ago, and since then it has been a favorite for cultivation. The tubers are always large, they do not boil during cooking. Ideal for frying. It is advisable to water the wells if the heat is long in summer, otherwise the bushes begin to dry out. "

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