Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Vityaz, yield and cultivation

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Vityaz, yield and cultivation

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Many beginners believe that pinching the bush affects the yield of the Vityaz tomato. And this is not surprising, because in many hybrids without this agricultural technique, the quality of the fruits decreases. The fact is that a large number of shoots take away nutrients from plants, which are a source of strength and building material for his body. But all the same, the undersized hybrid Vityaz f1 has been valued for a long time by its high yield among fruit growers, without special care, including pinching of shoots.

General characteristics of the variety

Tomato Vityaz is a mid-early variety of Moldovan selection. After passing all the test work, the plant was included in the State Register for the Lower Volga region, after which it gained popularity in the cultivation of such countries as: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova.

Initially, the variety was bred for growing in open conditions, but if we take into account the feedback of experienced gardeners, Vityaz tomatoes have high yields in greenhouse conditions. The growing season, from germination of seedlings to full ripening of a tomato, is 120-125 days.

General characteristics of the variety, which can be attributed to its merits:

  1. High yield rates.
  2. Friendly fruiting.
  3. Large-fruited.
  4. High palatability of fruits.
  5. Good transportability.
  6. Resistant to temperature changes.
  7. Long shelf life.

In addition, the variety is endowed with good immunity to diseases such as: tobacco mosaic, Alternaria, Septoria.

Important: the Vityaz variety is vulnerable to late blight. Therefore, after fruit formation, for prophylaxis, it is recommended to treat the plant with special agents.

Description of the plant

Tomatoes Vityaz f1 belong to the determinant type, that is, with limited growth. On average, the height of the bush, without pinching, is about 75 cm.

General description of the variety:

  1. The plant is medium - leafy, medium - branched.
  2. The foliage is dark green in color.
  3. The inflorescence is simple, with the first laying above 7-8 leaves, followed by an interval of 1-2 leaves.
  4. Up to 5-6 fruits are tied on each inflorescence.
  5. Each shoot has up to 3-4 nests.
  6. The fruit is round in shape, weighing 180-200 gr.
  7. The skin is smooth, dense, red in color.
  8. Tomatoes of high taste and marketability.

A distinctive feature of the variety is that its yield exceeds all studied tomatoes. On average, 830 kg can be collected from one hundred square meters. tomato, with a commercial quality yield of up to 85%.

Tomatoes of the Vityaz f1 variety for universal use. They are ideal for fresh consumption, preparation of salads, hot dishes, preservation and processing of tomato products.

It is worth paying attention: Vityaz tomatoes showed the best indicators in the preparation of natural juice. The juice contains dry matter - 5.8-6.2%, sugar - 4.8%.

The Vityaz variety does not need special care. To grow it, it will be enough to carry out regular watering, weeding, loosening and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. But so that the bush does not break under the weight of the fruit, it will need to create support. The best predecessors for the variety are: parsley, cucumbers, dill, zucchini, cauliflower and carrots.

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