Description of the tomato variety Shuntuk giant and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Shuntuk giant and its characteristics

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The massive tomato Shuntuk Giant does not need frequent maintenance procedures that take away the time and physical resources of gardeners. This unusual variety contains many vitamin benefits and interesting flavor notes in the dense structure of a ripe fruit.

The positive characteristics of the plant are not limited to the indicated advantages, the seeds have been among the best sellers for a long time, and the ripe berries are actively exploited by housewives as raw materials for juices and sauces.

Brief description of the variety Shuntuk Giant

The comprehensive characteristic of an interesting variety is the following, important for sophisticated gardeners, criteria:

  • indeterminacy;
  • tallness;
  • mid-ripeness;
  • large-fruited;
  • yield.

A hybrid variety suitable for greenhouses and southern areas. Massive stems grow up to 3 meters in height, therefore, when growing, it is better to form a plant into one trunk.

Neat bushes need weeding, regular watering twice a week (with warm water), fertilizing with mineral, organic fertilizers. We must not forget about the garter, the removal of excess shoots.

Gastronomic features of Shuntuk Giant

The mass of ripe giants varies from 600 to 800 g, the shape of the appetizing berries is round, slightly ribbed. The description of sweet fruits is not limited to delights in size.

The unique characteristics of a ripe tomato are:

  1. Taste. A salad-type variety with a fleshy filling and a rich tomato flavor.
  2. Culinary opportunities. Soft fruits can be used not only fresh, but also as raw materials in the preparation of juices and sauces.
  3. Marketability. The product is stored for a long time, hybrid tomatoes maintain a marketable appearance, a bright red shade of dense skin.

In addition, the plant has powerful immunity. Shuntuk Giant is resistant to fungal diseases, attacks of parasitic aphids and slugs.

Expert opinions, real reviews and comments

Reading reviews on the pages of magazines, thematic forums for gardeners, you can come across not only the positive views of experienced gardeners.

You can get acquainted with different points of view using the following comments, taken from one of the sites:

  1. Just class! The variety was very impressed, I especially liked the pulp. Next year I will plant more, just try not in a greenhouse, but in the open field (I live in the south).
  2. I have already planted seeds of this variety, I did not like it at all. The tomatoes grew really large (about 700 g per fruit), but tasteless. My wife tried to make at least something out of them, but half had to be disposed of. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I tried to limit the growth of the trunks. My greenhouse can withstand a maximum of 2 meters, and the Giant's height is up to 3. Maybe I'll try again, but in the open ground.
  3. We have never grown tall hybrid tomatoes before, I thought with my husband that it would not work, we live in the north, plus the greenhouse is not suitable for plants of this height. I was very surprised by the result. Early, tasty, the first fruits are very large (800 g), neighbors came - they did not believe that this was possible at all. For three years now I can't find the same seeds, I can't find a replacement either.
  4. I have been growing this variety for several years in a row in the open field, now it stands with red fruits, but there are many green ones.

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