How to freeze potatoes in the freezer at home and is it possible

How to freeze potatoes in the freezer at home and is it possible

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There are various ways to prepare food for the winter. Recently, freezing has been especially popular. In this way, you can harvest products not only of plant origin, but also of animal origin. Many housewives stock frozen potatoes for the winter. Thus, you can save a considerable amount of time during the preparation of potato dishes, since you no longer have to buy potatoes and peel them.

Freezing potatoes at home is not that difficult. However, before that, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with how to freeze potatoes for the winter.

Preparatory work

Freezing potatoes in the freezer requires careful preparation. First you need to figure out what kind of inventory is useful for freezing food in the freezer. For this you will need:

  • Bowl;
  • pan;
  • tray;
  • colander;
  • containers or bags for storing ice cream potatoes.

You should also figure out the most suitable varieties for freezing. Quite often, potatoes are frozen for the winter, which contains a small amount of starch and sugar. If there is too much starch in it, then at low temperatures it will begin to convert into sugar and because of this, the potatoes will become too sweet. It is recommended to harvest Semiglazka and other varieties with pink peel for the winter.

Freezing methods

There are several ways to help freeze young potatoes.


Many housewives are interested in the question of whether it is possible to freeze whole potatoes. Of course it is possible and many people use this particular procurement method. For this, it is recommended to choose varieties that differ in small tubers.

However, you can also use very large potatoes, but in this case you will have to cut them.

To begin with, carefully wash and clean the cooked tubers. Then, water is poured into several pots. One of them is put on a gas stove, and a little ice is added to the second. The potatoes are dipped in a container of hot water and cooked for 5 minutes. Then it should be taken out and immediately placed in cold water.

After that, the tubers are dried and laid out in sachets or freezer containers. Very often vegetables start to stick together during freezing. To avoid this, the bags should not be packed with raw potatoes, but already frozen.

For fries

Sometimes potatoes are harvested so that later they can be deep-fried. First, the tubers must be peeled and chopped. For this, the potatoes are cut into small pieces using an ordinary knife. Then it is poured into a bowl and sprinkled with a little salt. Wheat flour is poured into a separate container. After that, peeled and chopped potatoes are added to it, which should be thoroughly mixed with flour.

This is to ensure that the potatoes are golden brown when deep-fried.

After that, the prepared semi-finished product is laid out on a tray and placed in the freezer for further freezing. After a few hours, the tray is taken out and the potatoes are placed in special containers for further storage in the freezer.


The most creative housewives freeze puree in the freezer. This is quite simple to do, since the cooking process is no different from creating a regular puree. To begin with, all tubers should be peeled and boiled. Then pour the boiled potatoes into a separate saucepan and crush them into mashed potatoes. After that, it should be thoroughly mixed and, if necessary, add a little milk or butter. The cooked dish should cool completely and only after that it can be transferred to a bag and placed in the


Everyone can freeze potatoes on their own, since this is quite simple to do. However, in order to do everything right, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the various freezing methods in advance and choose the most suitable one.

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