Instructions for use and composition of E-selenium for kids, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of E-selenium for kids, dosage and analogues

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Selenium is an important trace element in the body of animals. It participates in the metabolism, helps in the assimilation of iodine, and normalizes the functioning of the immune system. In the spring-summer period, it enters the body of goats with fresh grass. In most regions, the trace element is deficient, so it is injected into the animal's body. The use of "E-selenium" for kids is especially important, as they are going through a period of active growth and weight gain.

Composition and form of release

Available in the form of an injection solution. Supplied as a colorless liquid or with a light yellow tint. Packaged in vials of 20, 50 and 100 ml. 1 milliliter contains the main components:

  • sodium selenite - 0.5 milligrams;
  • vitamin E - 50 milligrams.

The composition includes excipients:

  • polyethylene-35-ricinol;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • water for injections.

Purpose and indications

It is prescribed by veterinarians for kids and adults, pregnant and lactating goats with a lack of appropriate vitamins and minerals in the body, to increase immunity. Vitamin E contributes to the regulation of recovery processes, is involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. The mineral has antioxidant properties. The trace element is involved in the elimination of toxins, improves the performance of the immune system.

Injections are prescribed in the following cases:

  • under stress;
  • violations in the development of the fetus;
  • growth retardation, underweight;
  • cardiopathy;
  • traumatic myositis;
  • preventive vaccinations;
  • deworming;
  • poisoning with heavy metals;
  • white muscle disease.

Veterinarians prefer to vaccinate goats with this drug, since it is effective even in small dosages, has a beneficial effect on the immune system, reproductive function, and has a positive effect on the general resistance of the body. Refers to a low-hazard group of substances.

Instructions for the use of the drug "E-selenium" for kids

Livestock vaccination is carried out for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes. For prophylaxis, the vaccine is administered to goats once a quarter, for medicinal purposes - once a week with a frequency of 2-3 times, with an interval of two weeks.

Dosage of "E-selenium":

  • an adult - 1 milliliter per 50 kilograms of body weight;
  • young animals - 0.2 milliliters per 10 kilograms of weight.

When administered in small doses, the injection solution is diluted with saline, mixed thoroughly. In regions with a deficient mineral content, the dose may be increased up to 5 times. To exclude an overdose, one individual is given no more than 5 milliliters of the drug.

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If you miss a dose, the drug is given according to the instructions. It is forbidden to give the animal a double dose of the medicine at one time. Mixing with feed is not allowed.

Unwanted effects

After using the drug, no side effects were found. In case of an overdose of a drug in animals, the following may appear:

  • stomach ache;
  • salivation;
  • cyanosis of the mucous membranes;
  • tachycardia;
  • lowering the temperature;
  • increased sweating;
  • bad breath and from the skin.

Additionally, ruminants may develop hypotension and atony of the proventriculus. After detecting signs of an overabundance of the substance, goats are given "Unitiol", "Methionine", "Thiosulfate".

Cases in which the drug should not be used

It is not recommended to vaccinate goats if there is an excess in the body and feed of the mineral.

Also Se is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance, as well as in case of allergic reactions.

Terms and conditions of storage

The injection solution is stored in the original container. The room should be dry, with good ventilation, the drug should be removed away from sunlight. Observe the temperature regime in the range of + 4 ... + 25 degrees. The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture, after opening the bottle, the product is used within 14 days, then the container is disposed of. It is forbidden to use the product after the expiration date.


As for the active substance, E-selenium has no analogues. According to the therapeutic effect, similar agents include:

  • Triovit;
  • Selenat;
  • "Habivit Se";
  • "Fermivit Ce".

With a lack of vitamins and microelements, kids are especially at risk of various diseases. Due to the lack of substances necessary for the body, an imbalance appears in biological processes, which leads to a decrease in the growth of industrial production of livestock products. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the state of the animal's body, the quality of feed, and provide the kids with the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements.

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