Grapes "Pleven": a description of the variety and its varieties

Grapes "Pleven": a description of the variety and its varieties

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Grapes "Pleven" is one of the most resistant varieties suitable for cultivation even in severe weather and insufficiently favorable climatic conditions.

Grade characteristics

The table variety "Pleven" is characterized by very early ripening of berries, which ranges from 95 to 100 days. The variety was obtained at the institute of selection of the Bulgarian city of Plevna, which determined the name. The parent pair was the varieties "Italy" and "Amber."

Biological description

The growth power of the Pleven bushes is quite high. Shoots are characterized by good and friendly ripening. Bisexual flowering type. Grape brushes of medium size, conical in shape, can sometimes be winged, with a loose or not dense structure. The average weight of the bunch is from 220 g to 310 g.

Technical characteristics of berries

The Pleven grapes are oblong, large or very large, weighing about 5 g. Coloring is yellowish-green with a dense purine coating. On the sunny side there is a "tan." Thickened peel covers crisp, juicy and fleshy flesh. The taste is a little rustic, but harmonious. The acidity is 5 g / dm³ with a sugar content of 15 g / 100 cm³.

Grade Benefits

Grapes "Pleven" has the following advantages and disadvantages that require attention when growing:

  • harmonious taste of large and beautiful berries;
  • balanced indicators of sugars and acids;
  • relative resistance to damage by gray rot;
  • instability to phylloxera and low temperatures;
  • good transportability;
  • no peeling;
  • high affinity with the most common types of stocks.

It is used both fresh and good for canning. Often grown for decorating gazebos and fences. Many gardeners call the variety "Augustine" or "Phenomenon." Known by the synonym "V25 / 20".

Grapes "Pleven": features of the variety

Variety varieties

Currently, vineyards are testing new varieties and hybrids.

Pleven Eurostandard

Form from the Bulgarian selection. Bushes are vigorous. Harvest ripens in the last decade of August. The mass of the bunch varies from 0.5 kg to 1 kg. The shape of the grape brush is cylindrical-conical with an insufficiently dense structure. Round berries of white color, weighing from 7 g to 11 g. The pulp is fleshy, with a very harmonious taste. Fertility and high productivity are characteristic.

The variety needs to standardize yields. Disease rarely affects. It is necessary to carry out long trimming for 8-10 eyes. The vine should be covered for the winter.

Pleven Steady

This variety is a table grape variety with increased disease resistance, grape pests and frosts. One of the most optimal summer grape varieties. The originator is the Pleven NIIViV in Bulgaria. Popular in homestead viticulture, a medium-ripening variety.

Grapes can be harvested already in mid-August. Transportability indicators are good. Undemanding at the landing site and easy enough to care for.

Pleven Muscat

New dining uniform. Ripening period does not exceed 115 days. The average weight of the bunch is 0.6 kg. The berries are oval, pleasant amber color, weighing up to 9.0 g. The pulp is tasty and very juicy. Sugar content - up to 22%. The bushes are characterized by a large growth force of shoots ripening by 70-85%. The resistance of the bushes to fungal diseases is 2.5-3 points, to temperature drops - up to -23 C.

High quality characteristics of berries and simple agricultural technology have deservedly made this hybrid form popular among many gardeners.

Landing rules

Saplings of the Pleven cultivar should be planted in accordance with the basic requirements:

  • landing on the hills;
  • with a high occurrence of groundwater, measures for the arrangement of drainage;
  • preliminary digging of the site for planting with the introduction of organic fertilizers;
  • advance preparation of pits for planting and filling them by a third with humus with fertile soil;
  • the distance between the bushes should be at least 2 m;
  • when planting, you can not deepen the root neck of the seedling;
  • after planting, the soil is covered with a layer of high-quality mulch, and the seedling is tied to a support.

In the first ten days, the survival process of young plants should be monitored and timely watering should be carried out with subsequent loosening of the soil.

Care Features

Particular attention when growing a hybrid form of "Pleven" and its varieties must be paid to comply with the irrigation and feeding scheme:

  • the first irrigation is carried out after a dry garter and is combined with the introduction of ammonium nitrate;
  • the second irrigation is carried out within a week after pruning;
  • the third irrigation is carried out when the shoots reach a length of 25-30 cm;
  • the fourth mandatory irrigation is implemented before mass flowering and is complemented by the introduction of trace elements. It is recommended to enrich the soil with superphosphate, potassium, and also zinc salts;
  • the fifth irrigation is carried out at the stage of forming pea-sized berries, and ashes, ash, superphosphate and potassium sulfate should be used.

After harvesting, watering is carried out with the addition of superphosphate. Three prophylactic treatments with fungicides should be carried out per season. "Topaz" and Ridomil Gold. When pruning young shoots for the winter, it is enough to leave 8-12 eyes. Standard pruning of fruit vines is performed on 6-8 eyes. Shelter of bushes for the winter period is required.

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about fall pruning rules for beginners.

Reviews of winegrowers

“Pleven” grapes and its main varieties are valued by winegrowers for productivity, good frost resistance, unpretentiousness when growing, excellent survival rate and reliability. A really good and marketable grape variety that does not need increased attention and the creation of any special conditions. A very plastic grape variety, which is almost never sick of anything, requires minimal processing, responds to good care with an abundant and high-quality crop.

How and when to root grape cuttings

In addition, "Pleven" is very well pollinated independently. An excellent variety for beginner winegrowers and northern areas of viticulture. Perfect as a stock for most other, less resistant grape varieties. "Pleven" belongs to the category of few varieties that are recommended for cultivation in the conditions of homestead viticulture even by inexperienced gardeners.