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Who eats cabbage and how to destroy the pest

Who eats cabbage and how to destroy the pest

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Hello. Tell me, please, who eats cabbage and how to destroy the pest? For the first time in my life, I planted a garden. thanks


Cruciferous flea. After watering, sprinkle the cabbage with ash directly on the leaves. Just the other day, this topic was in the tape. Scroll, there was a lot of information.

Cruciferous flea. Fitoverm, Fufanon, Spark-bio. sprinkle of folk ash

Thank you so much

Tobacco dust on soap is even better to spray than ash. Ash quickly brushed off leaves

On a bucket, half a pack of salt, pouring it on top, also helps from the tracks,

Narrow wormwood and place around

Even Zemlin from a cabbage flea helps a lot.

but how to make tobacco dust?) Nobody smokes here))

sold in garden stores.

The ammonia did not help. Shed, after a while they sit again ((

they don’t do it but buy it in gardening stores. It costs from 45 to 65 rubles. per kg. And further, according to the instructions on the package