How to properly dry apples at home in the oven on a baking sheet, electric dryer and how to store

How to properly dry apples at home in the oven on a baking sheet, electric dryer and how to store

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One of the healthiest and most popular fruits is juicy, crunchy apples. Many owners of even small summer cottages will certainly grow this crop in gardens, taking pleasure in caring for fruitful trees. Often, apple trees are so generous that even after conservation, many fruits remain. There is no need to rush to sell them or simply distribute them to neighbors and friends - knowing how to dry apples at home, you can easily stock up on useful drying. It is recommended to use a delicious delicacy for making drinks, desserts, in baked goods.

The benefits of dried apples

Apple fruits are famous for their beneficial qualities and an abundance of vitamins. It is rather difficult to preserve them during the canning process - heat treatment removes most of the useful elements. Drying is the only way to leave all the substances necessary for a person in an unchanged amount.

During the drying process, the following are saved:

  • vitamins that normalize blood circulation, compensate for the lack of certain elements in the body, increase immune strength;
  • acids that improve the work of important organs, systems;
  • minerals that saturate with useful elements, increase resistance to diseases;
  • phytoncides that prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms, infections;
  • rejuvenating sugar;
  • polysaccharides that lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

It should not be forgotten that drying is prohibited for certain diseases. With diabetes mellitus, it is better to refuse a tasty treat - some components can cause complications.

Variety selection

The choice of fruits for dried fruits has several features. Apples must be large, with a small seed box. It is recommended to use fruits with a thin skin.

Summer varieties are sweeter, so drying from them is obtained with a slight sweet aftertaste.

Acidic varieties lose acid in the process, so you can safely use them.The most popular varieties of apples for making dried fruits are Antonovka, Pepin.

Preparing apples for drying

Fresh fruits are prepared in several stages. It is important to process as many apples as will fit on the drying trays. Prolonged storage has a negative effect on peeled and sliced ​​fruits, they become dark. There is no need to wash the apples; excess moisture will prolong the process.

Prepare in the following order:

  1. Dry the fruit with a clean towel.
  2. Remove the core with a special tool.
  3. Do not peel off the peel, especially from self-grown apples.
  4. Cut the prepared fruit into thin pieces. The drying time depends on the thickness of the slices, so it is not recommended to make them more than 5 mm.
  5. If the cutting process is delayed, sprinkle the finished apple particles with lemon juice or soak for 3 minutes in a saline solution (80-90 g of salt per bucket of water) to prevent browning.

To start drying immediately, it is not recommended to store raw materials - this will affect the taste.

Ways to dry apples for the winter

There are several ways to turn apple particles into a flavored drier. If the process is carried out in the hot summer season, it is not even necessary to use kitchen appliances, the warm sun will cope with the task no worse than a multicooker or oven.

On air

Sun drying is suitable for residents of hot regions - one cool or damp day is enough to spoil the fruit slices. You can dry an unlimited number of fruit slices at a time.

It is recommended to use large parchment baking trays or wire racks for drying. Be sure to stack the slices in one layer. Turn over regularly in the process.

Another way is to string the prepared slices on strings and hang them in a sunny place. To prevent the destructive work of insects or flies, wrap the bundles with gauze. The duration of the process is 3-5 days. It remains to collect ready-made dried fruits and save for use in the winter.

In the microwave

Using the microwave allows you to dry much faster than in the open sun. The process is usually carried out in several stages:

  1. Arrange the fruit particles on a plate in one layer.
  2. Turn on low power, drying time - 30-40 seconds.
  3. After evaporation of excess moisture, turn the particles over, send them back to the microwave.
  4. Set power to 300W, dry for 3-5 minutes.

Take out the finished dried fruits, after cooling, send them for storage. In this way, you can dry a lot of fruits without much difficulty and time consuming.

Drying with an electric dryer

An electric dryer is very popular with housewives who make considerable supplies of drying for the winter.

Step-by-step process:

  1. Arrange fruit slices in trays.
  2. Arrange the filled pallets in the dryer in several tiers.
  3. At a temperature of 60-65 degrees, leave for 6-8 hours (depending on the size of the particles).

After turning off the dryer, check readiness - press the wedge with your finger, if moisture does not evolve, send it to storage containers.

In the oven

It is recommended to cook dried fruits in a gas stove oven or an electric oven. The process differs little from the use of an electric dryer. The main thing is to choose the right temperature regime and turn the fruit slices in a timely manner.

Arrange the prepared fruit slices on a baking sheet (pre-cover with parchment), send to the oven. Dry the apples for about 4 hours. Temperature - up to 65 degrees.

Airfryer drying

Drying the apple particles is easy in the airfryer - the process takes only about an hour. It is not difficult to cope with the work - arrange the prepared slices on the levels. Make sure that they do not lie too closely together - this will prolong the cooking time.

Turn on the device, the temperature is 100 degrees. After turning off the airfryer, make sure the treats are ready, send them to storage containers.

In a multicooker

Fruit particles are also dried in a multicooker, which will cope with the task in a short time:

  1. Place prepared slices in a bowl.
  2. Turn on the "Baking" mode for 40 minutes.
  3. Turn the particles over, leave to dry for another quarter of an hour.

Arrange in one layer on the countertop, leave to cool completely, send to clean dry containers.

How to know when dried fruit is ready

It is not difficult to determine the readiness of the particles even visually - the skin darkens. It is better not to pay attention to the pulp, it can acquire a different shade. You can press on the dried particle with your finger, if after strong pressing it does not creep - the dried fruit is ready.

It should be remembered that too dark particles usually indicate dryness. It is recommended to use them first of all, during storage they can lose their taste.

Storing apples, important rules

After drying, it is recommended to carefully review all the particles, select the not dried ones, send them additionally to the oven.

Pour dried fruits into a large linen bag, leave for a few days. This allows all the particles to acquire the same readiness.

After 3-5 days, view the apple slices again. If suspicious (soft) particles are found, set them aside and use them first.

What and where to store

Regardless of where the storage will take place, in an apartment or in a country house, it is recommended to adhere to the basic rules. The most common way to store fruit is to use cloth bags that can be tied tightly.

It often happens that the room has high humidity, which is undesirable when storing dried fruits. To prevent dry apples from spoiling, it is recommended to send them to containers or clean jars that close tightly. Many housewives use this method so that food moths do not start, pests will not be able to get into sealed containers.

Paper bags or cardboard boxes are also great for storing dried fruit. In order for the apple slices to be stored longer, it is imperative to send them to a dry place - if the packages become damp, this will have a detrimental effect on the product.

Shelf life of dried apples

Duration of storage for dry apples is about three years. During this period, be sure to check the drying regularly. If there are signs of damage, sort out, sort out the unusable particles, re-dry the rest.

If summer varieties were used to prepare dry fruits, some of them have a short shelf life. It is recommended to store them separately and use them first for preparing food or drinks.

What to do if insects are in apples

It often happens that, if stored improperly, insects start up in dried fruits, which in a short time are able to destroy or spoil the entire stock. If pests are found in the drying, you need to act immediately - this will save most of the fruits.

The first stage of pest control is a careful examination of every particle of the fruit. If insect eggs are found, discard the slices immediately. Arrange the surviving dried fruits on baking sheets, send to the oven. Dry the slices for half an hour at 65 degrees.

If it is not possible to use the oven, it is recommended to resort to another method. Insects also cannot stand frost, so leave drying for several hours at a low temperature.

It is strongly not recommended to use chemicals to get rid of insects, products after processing are unsuitable for consumption. If there are pests in the closet where dried fruits are stored, the fruits should be subjected to additional drying or freezing, and the room itself should be treated with poisonous agents at this time. After the destruction of insects, rinse all surfaces, only then return the dried fruit particles back.

Drying apples is a process that allows you to stock up on a valuable ingredient for baking, compote, gourmet desserts. It is not difficult to cope with the preparation, the main thing is to carefully study the important rules and strictly follow them. In the winter season, mouth-watering slices will certainly remind you of warm days filled with pleasant chores.

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