Apples "Gala": features of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

Apples "Gala": features of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

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Apple tree "Gala" is a New Zealand variety obtained by crossing Golden Delicious with Kids Orange Red. The considerable popularity of the variety is due to the sweet taste of the fruit, its resistance to fall and long shelf life. In addition, fruits are characterized by high commercial quality. Description of the variety can often be found on summer forums.

Gala apple trees are characterized by high productivity, which makes the plant prone to overload. The variety belongs to the category of autumn ripening, and the period of removable ripeness of the fruit falls in mid-September. Consumer maturity dates in November. A feature of the variety is unpretentiousness, as well as the presence of medium frost resistance of the plant.

Grade Features

The main advantages of the Gala apple tree are the excellent dessert taste of the fruits and the possibility of their widespread use. In addition, the variety is characterized by high and regular productivity, early entry into fruiting, as well as high rates of fruit keeping quality and their resistance to damage.

The main disadvantages are the tendency to chop the already not too large fruits, not enough high winter hardiness, susceptibility to damage by some types of diseases.

It is important for gardeners to know that the Gala apple tree has a large number of clones. To date, more than twenty hybrids based on this variety are known. They have not only common features, but also fundamental differences. The following varieties can be classified as the most popular brightly colored hybrids based on "Gala":

  • "Gala Mast";
  • Scarlet Gala;
  • Royal Gala;
  • "Beyond the Red Gala";
  • Royal Gala;
  • Ultrared Gala;
  • Big Red Gala;
  • Galaxy
  • Mitchgle
  • Spur Red Gala;
  • El nino.

"Gala Mast" ("Gala Mast") is a promising industrial variety of apples, the most popular in Europe.

Grade Gala Royal is the first mutant gala. Its fruits are similar in shape to the Gala Mast apples, but their coloring is more intense.

How to plant an apple seedling

Grade description

Trees of this variety are characterized by medium height. Crohn has a wide oval shape and medium thickening. Skeletal branches have medium strength, extend from the stem at an angle of 45 to 70 degrees. The end of the skeletal branches is directed upwards. The plant is characterized by fruiting of a mixed type. The formation of fruits is observed on the gloves, as well as fruit twigs or the apical part of annual growths.

Mass flowering occurs in the medium-late period. Pollen is characterized by good vitality, which can reach 90%. The variety belongs to the category of partially self-pollinated. The optimal pollinators for the Gala apple tree are several varieties, among which the most famous are Elstar and James Greve.

Formed fruits are characterized by one-dimensionality and average values. The standard apple weight is about 140 grams. As a rule, the fruits have a rounded or rounded conical shape with a slightly pronounced ribbing, which can be observed at the top of the fruit.

The main color of the fruit can vary from yellow to greenish-yellow. The integumentary type of staining is expressed by a striped-blurred blush of orange or red. The skin is dry. It is thin, but quite dense.

Chemical composition and use

The beneficial properties of Gala apples are determined by the presence of a significant amount of vitamins and trace elements in them. There’s a lot of vitamin A in the fruits, which is important for the eyes, as well as a large amount of ascorbic acid, which improves immunity. The fruit contains a lot of iron, which allows us to recommend the fruits of this variety to people suffering from anemia and anemia.

The calorie content of Gala apples slightly exceeds 50 kcal. Fruits can be consumed in diet and obesity.

Apples of this variety are very popular in cooking. They are used to make jam and jams. Also, fruits can be used as a supplement for a variety of desserts. In addition, the fruits are widely used as a filling for baking.

Planting and Care Rules

Fruit cultivars of this variety are preferably carried out in dry areas with a good level of lighting. The plant does not tolerate excessive moisture. Watering young seedlings should be done weekly. As the plants grow older, the frequency of watering decreases.

Insufficient amounts of nutrients or their overabundance inhibits the development of fruits. Before steady cooling, it is recommended to mulch the soil around the garden plantings. The lower part of young seedlings should be whitewashed with chalk solutions, and liming is used for trees older than five years.

Winter hardiness is average. The apple trees of this variety are not afraid of short-term cooling to -28 degrees. The plant has medium resistance to scab and a fairly high resistance to powdery mildew. At the same time, apple trees have a very high susceptibility to European cancer. Quite often, seedlings are damaged by a bacterial burn.

How to prune an apple tree in autumn

The period of removable ripening of apples of this variety falls on the second decade of September. The consumer period begins in November. Subject to storage conditions, the fruits do not lose their presentation and taste for two months. Longer storage is impractical, since a large number of fruits deteriorate.