Grapes "Riddle of Sharov": the best frost-resistant grape variety

Grapes "Riddle of Sharov": the best frost-resistant grape variety

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Few grape varieties can boast of high frost resistance and unpretentiousness and at the same time have a higher than average yield and excellent fruit taste. "Sharov's riddle" is just such a variety. It was created by amateur breeder Sharov R.F. in 1972. This grape has incorporated the positive qualities of the mother plants - “Far East 60” (a hybrid of Amur grapes) and European varieties “Tukay” and “Magarach 352”. Thanks to this heredity, the “Sharov Riddle” is able to withstand thirty-degree frosts without shelter and at the same time give an excellent harvest.

Variety Characteristics

Grapes "Riddle of Sharov" refers to super-early varieties. Ripening occurs on average 110 days after the first swollen buds appear on the vine. The bushes of this plant are characterized by good growth: over the summer, the vine reaches a length of 3 m or more. Shoots ripen early, while maintaining flexibility. The internodes are short, the eyes are clearly visible due to the large size. Heart-shaped leaf blades, five-lobed, small.

Bunches of grapes of the “Sharov Riddle” variety are medium, large under favorable conditions. By structure, they are highly branched, loose, without a tendency to peeling, even in adverse years. The fruits of this variety have a dark blue, almost black color with a pronounced bloom. The skin is dense but easy to eat. 2-3 small bones are formed in the berry. The average weight of the bunch is 300 g, but sometimes this figure reaches 500-600 g. If the clusters remain on the vine after ripening, they practically do not crumble.

The fruits of this grape accumulate a lot of sugar (up to 22%), thanks to which their taste is considered one of the best among winter-hardy varieties. In addition, the "Sharov Riddle" perfectly retains its commercial and food qualities during long-term storage. For three months, the grapes not only remain in their original form, but also change the taste from strawberry to raspberry.

The main advantages of the variety:

  • resistance to freezing of the soil and undemanding to its fertility;
  • the possibility of using vines for growing root seedlings and growing varieties without grafting;
  • increased flexibility of the vine, which allows it to be removed from the supports for wintering without risk of damage;
  • early bearing (2 years after planting).

All this allows you to successfully grow the cultivar "Riddle of Sharov" to winegrowers without any experience and in any locality, including the territory of Siberia, the Urals and the Moscow region.

"The Sharov Riddle": features of the variety

Landing and care

For landing the "Sharov Riddles" are ideally suited areas exposed to sunlight and protected from cold winds and flooding. Experienced growers are advised to choose the southern side of the buildings. The fertility of the soil and its structure do not matter, since this variety has deep growing roots, whose length reaches 10 meters. According to winegrowers, The "Sharov Riddle" successfully grows and bears fruit even on stony-sandy soils. The only thing worth paying attention to is the absence of groundwater near the surface of the soil and the swampiness of the place where the grapes will grow for many years.

It is better to plant a young plant according to the classical scheme, digging and equipping a planting pit or trench, the bottom of which needs to be filled with nutritious soil mixture (necessarily without the admixture of fresh manure). For better nutrition and moisture, it is recommended to equip it with segments of perforated pipes or plastic bottles, through which water and fertilizers will be supplied directly to the suction roots.

Feeding the "Riddle of Sharov" can be rotted manure or compost, laying it under the plants in the spring and closer to autumn. Also, this procedure will be useful in terms of weed control, which is difficult to break through a thick mulch.

In the first year after planting, it is important not to overload the vine, for which immediately after planting you need to cut the shoots, leaving the strongest. It is important to remember that only lignified vines can produce crops! To maximize the return of the harvest, growers practice short pruning for two eyes. Further, as the shoots grow and ripen, for fruiting, 1-2 fruit brushes are left on them, and when the grapes reach the age of three years, their number can be increased to 2-4 per vine.

Unlike other grape varieties, "The Sharov Riddle" perfectly bears fruit with a non-standard form of cultivation. Moreover, that part of the trunk, which is located at the very surface of the soil, forms the so-called “head”, from which the vines depart. Despite the high degree of resistance to low temperatures, it is recommended that they be removed from supports for the winter and sprinkled with peat, soil or just snow.

To avoid problems with mildew, it is recommended to regularly pinch the "Riddle of the Ball" and remove bush shoots that thicken the bush. It is also recommended to tie up the vines as they grow, preventing them from laying down on the soil surface. With high humidity, it is also recommended to break off part of the leaves for better ventilation of the bush.

When pests appear on the bushes, you can use special tools to combat them:

  • Omight
  • Tiovit Jet
  • Brand
  • Match,
  • Nitrafen
  • Bottom.

During the maturation of the brush, it is recommended to use preparations based on colloidal sulfur and potassium permanganate.

We suggest you find out how to properly prepare the grapes for winter.

Reviews of winegrowers

In general, winegrowers have a positive impression about the "Riddle of Sharov" grape. Among its advantages, the surprising unpretentiousness of the plant is especially often mentioned. According to lovers of this variety, the vine is practically not damaged by frost, even without special shelters. In the middle lane, it is enough to lay it on the surface of the soil and sprinkle with snow.

Another positive feature of the variety, which is indicated by winegrowers, is the early onset of fruiting. Unlike most other types of grapes, the described variety at the age of five is a fully formed bush with stable fruiting. Berries begin to ripen already in mid-July. The only minus of the variety that is mentioned in the reviews is its poor resistance to mildew. "The Sharov Riddle" is struck by this type of fungus, one of the first on the site.

How to plant grapes in autumn

Considering all the pros and cons of this variety, it can rightfully be considered the best for exploring the cultivation of grapes on its site. The absence of the need to feed, cut the vines annually depending on the degree of their growth and build complex shelters for the winter to a certain extent excludes the most common mistakes that lead to reduced yields.