Cucumber "Director f1": characteristics and rules for growing a promising hybrid

Cucumber "Director f1": characteristics and rules for growing a promising hybrid

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Cucumber "Director f1" - parthenocarpic hybrid form, a novelty from the Dutch selection Nunhems, which can be grown both in the first early spring turn, and in the second turn at the summer-autumn stage.

Grade description

Hybrid cucumber "Director f1" has a very attractive appearance. The hybrid is characterized by parthenocarpic type of pollination and maturation in the medium term. The bushes are medium-sized, medium-braided, with well growing lateral shoots. The female type of flowering and the formation of bundle ovaries predominate. Due to its excellent taste, the main purpose of the vegetable crop is salad use.

The average length of the fruit is 12.5 cm. The surface of the cylindrical shape of the fruit is smooth. The dimensions in cross section are on average 3.7 cm. The average weight of the fetus can vary from 67 to 82 g. The pulp of the fruit is crispy, very juicy, tasty, with small seeds and without bitterness. The fruits are uniform, dark green in color, without a white tip.

Absolute pickling qualities and excellent transportability are characteristic. The average total yield is 310 kg / ha. In compliance with high agricultural technology manages to obtain higher yields.

Advantages and disadvantages

A feature of the Director-f1 cucumber is its very high yield, in addition to which this hybrid form has many positive qualities:

  • the plant is very powerful and open, which facilitates care;
  • good taste of the fruit;
  • high commodity qualities of greens;
  • possesses the properties of extended fruiting;
  • guaranteed disease resistance;
  • resistance to VOM and the yellowing virus of the vessels of the cucumber;
  • powdery mildew tolerance.

Cucumbers of this hybrid form can be cultivated in the open ground, as well as in greenhouses or greenhouses.

Sowing seeds

Variety "Director", like other varieties of cucumbers, should be sown with dry seeds. It is possible to conduct direct sowing in the soil with swollen, slightly swollen seeds. Parthenocarpic and bee pollinated seeds should be sown at a considerable distance from each other. The scheme of sowing seeds is 50 x 50 cm. The standard sowing depth is 3.0 or 4.0 cm. Sow should be two seeds per hole, and at the phase of a pair of real leaves, weed seeds are selected.

The optimum temperature values ​​for air so that the seeds of cucumbers sprouted are 22-27 degrees. The minimum temperature of the soil at which it is allowed to conduct direct sowing on ridges is 14 degrees. The ridges intended for the cultivation of cucumbers should first be disinfected with a 0.05% solution of potassium permanganate, and then carefully dig.

Cucumbers of any hybrid forms and varieties are best developed and form a plentiful crop if they are grown on ridges after early potatoes, cauliflower or early white cabbage, as well as almost any leguminous crops except beans.

Cucumber "Director f1": features of the variety

Seedling method of growing

Cucumbers with the name "Director-f1" work well when grown by the seedling method, which allows you to get an earlier and more complete crop. The main stages of growing high-quality cucumber seedlings are as follows:

  • seeds for seedlings should be sown with a depth of 2 cm .;
  • seedling cassettes should be 8.0 x 8.0 cm;
  • cassette containers should be filled with a ready-made soil mixture for vegetables treated with a 0.2% solution of Extrasol-55;
  • when the first true leaf appears, it is necessary to carry out root top dressing of seedlings using the Kemira-Lux or Radifarm means;
  • Before planting, foliar treatment of Epin or Zircon seedlings is carried out.

Seedlings must be planted in a checkerboard pattern, adhering to a 30 cm pattern between plants and a meter between rows, when grown in open ground. Thus, for every square meter there should be about four plants.

When planting seedlings on ridges in sheltered ground, it is necessary to adhere to a 50 x 60 cm pattern. For each square meter of greenhouse ridges there should be no more than three plants.

Care Rules

Hybrid "Director" for the formation of a large and high-quality crop needs to carry out standard activities prescribed by the technology of care for such a vegetable crop:

  • the volume and frequency of irrigation measures are completely dependent on soil moisture and the method of cultivation;
  • in greenhouses, regular irrigation with warm water should be carried out, which will allow to maintain the soil in a moist state;
  • on ridges in open ground, more intensive irrigation should be carried out on dry days. You need to water cucumbers in the evening and only with water warmed in the sun;
  • for top dressing, it is recommended to use well-proven agents: ammonium nitrate or urea, as well as superphosphate;
  • periodically, root dressing should be carried out with manure diluted in warm water or bird droppings;
  • a couple of times a week, it is advisable to carry out foliar feeding of cucumbers with solutions of complex fertilizers with trace elements;
  • in open ground, after the development of eight leaves on the main lash, pinching of the growth point on the plant is carried out. In greenhouses and greenhouses, plants should definitely be formed.

It is necessary to carry out preventive spraying using the systemic fungicide Previkur, and you can also use Abiga Peak, Copper Oxychloride, means "Acrobat" or Ridomil Gold. Well-proven drugs "Kurzat-R", "Ordan", "Topaz", "Quadris" and "The gates."

We also offer you to learn about the rules for tying cucumbers in a greenhouse and open ground.

Reviews of gardeners

Cucumber seeds "Director f1" relatively recently arrived for sale, but this hybrid has already established itself as a promising and very competitive. The letter "f" and the number "1" on the package with seeds indicate that cucumber seeds are hybrids in the first generation. Such seeds are characterized not only by quality, but also by a high level of germination.

How to grow cucumbers on a trellis

Reviews of gardeners characterize the hybrid very positively: the plant is undemanding to agricultural technology, forms a large crop of delicious and beautiful fruits. Temperature differences, many diseases, unstable watering, as well as other adverse factors can very slightly affect the fruiting of the cucumber "Director f1", which makes it very popular among modern gardeners.