"Gunnar f1": features of the variety of the new Dutch hybrid cucumber

"Gunnar f1": features of the variety of the new Dutch hybrid cucumber

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Variety "Gunnar f1" is a popular gherkin from the Dutch producer Enza Zaden, which is most often cultivated in protected ground.

Grade description

A very early partenocarpic hybrid cucumber "Gunnar" (Gunnar) with high early and overall productivity is one of the most promising for growing in personal household plots. Harvesting begins 35-45 days after emergence of seedlings. The hybrid form is the best option for the earliest crops on ridges in heated greenhouses.

Zelentsy characteristic bright green color, medium size. The length of the greenery is 10 to 15 cm. The parthenocarpic plant, with a bouquet type of ovary and a female type of flowering. The surface of the greenery is high hilly. Two or four fruits in nodes are formed. The use of the crop is universal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cucumber "Gunnar f1" has not only excellent taste characteristics and excellent external data, but also the following advantages:

  • when overgrown, Zelentsy does not acquire a “barrel-shaped” shape;
  • excellent keeping rates;
  • excellent crop mobility;
  • the variety is suitable for cultivation in the first and second turns on ridges in film and glass greenhouse constructions;
  • good yield when grown in open ground;
  • quite high resistance to damage by cladosporiosis, powdery mildew, ordinary cucumber mosaic and vascular yellowing.

The variety is of universal use and is good both in fresh form and as a raw material for pickling and canning.

How to grow cucumbers

Landing rules

Hyunar cucumbers of the hybrid form are very susceptible to observing the rules for sowing and growing seedlings:

  • after sowing and before the first seedlings, the temperature regime should be maintained at 26-27 ° C;
  • the emergence of seedlings requires a gradual decrease in temperature to 20 ° C during the day and 19 ° C at night;
  • 24 hours before transplanting seedlings to a constant place, the temperature should be reduced by a couple of degrees;
  • soil at the time of planting seedlings should be warmed up to 21 ° C.

Seeds should be sown on ridges when the topsoil warms up to 16 ° C with a seed laying depth of 1.5-2.0 cm. When cultivated in unheated greenhouse constructions, sowing of seeds is carried out in early May, and seedlings with 3-4 true leaves are planted in mid-May.

Growing technology

An open and very compact type of plant, as well as the presence of short side shoots, can provide less labor-intensive care and make harvesting of a ripe crop very convenient.

The scheme of plant fertilizers combined with watering after planting seedlings or the appearance of four true leaves on seedlings in the open ground is standard. It is very important to use a solution based on N, P, K, Mg and Ca with the addition of Fe - 2 mg / L, Mn - 0.8 mg / L, Cu - 0.1 mg / L, Zn - 0.4 mg / L , Mo - 0.1 mg / L and B - 0.4 mg / L at the following stages of development:

  • during the rooting of cucumbers in a permanent place;
  • until the pinching point of the growth point and at the beginning of fruiting;
  • during the period of mass fruiting.

"Gunnar f1" cucumber is characterized by a very high level of productivity and requires increased application of mineral substances. Very effective use of funds Radifarm, Calcine, Magnisal and Humate.

The first five nodes should be blinded on the plant. If in the process of growing insufficiently warm and sunny weather is observed, then eight knots can be blinded. Before the trellis, the plant should be formed into one stem, removing the side shoots.

The pinch of the growth point is carried out behind the fifth sheet after the trellis with the subsequent twisting of the stem around the trellis. Remove the lower leaves in the morning or in the evening. Subject to the cultivation technology and care rules, the yield reaches 23 kg per square meter.

We also offer you to learn about the features of growing cucumbers in a greenhouse.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Cucumber "Gunnar f1" is rated very positively by many. However, quite often this variety is compared with the hybrid "Herman" and consider it an improved form. Germination of seed material, as with most Dutch seeds, is excellent. Unlike the hybrid "German", the plants are formed very powerful, the stems are thick and are actively gaining green mass. In each internode, about 6-8 ovaries are formed at the phase of mass fruiting and with high-quality illumination of plants.

Cucumbers: variety selection

But even with insufficient light it is possible to get a pretty decent crop of quality cucumbers. The hybrid, of course, deserves the attention of gardeners, but is still more suitable for small farms that are equipped with high-quality greenhouses and modern greenhouse equipment.