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What happened to tomatoes, pumpkin and zucchini

What happened to tomatoes, pumpkin and zucchini

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Hello! Tell me, please, what happened to my tomatoes, pumpkin and zucchini? Transplanted tomatoes under arcs (spanbond), pumpkin and zucchini in the open ground a week ago. The leaves turned white, almost all the zucchini disappeared. I immediately poured everything and closed the squash with black spanbond. Do you think they’ll leave?


white leaves - burned out ... they before your transplantation may have grown in the shade and were not accustomed to the sun and heat. IMHO.

Your stretch marks burned up. It is not clear why they covered them with black, they will die faster without light. Cucumbers don’t tolerate the transplant at all until it is too late to plant seeds, and everything else should grow over time.

cucumbers planted with seeds, but did not even sprout in a week. Just one pumpkin was covered with black spandbond. Here she turned out to be the best. And she closed it, because she was the most frail. Now what is she

grew on the window, on the sunny side ...

and were the cucumbers planted with dry or slightly sprouted seeds? I had to plant them, which were sprouted under the cover only a week later, and were dry for two weeks.

plant zucchini under cover. I have 3 weeks there are zucchini and everything is normal. Planted with seeds. Everything is growing and not any burns. And plant the pumpkin through the seeds under the cover, too. Everything is growing well. If they still make a warm bed, they will grow by yeast.

planted with dry seeds

Yes, this weekend I planted zucchini seeds under a cover. And he made a bed of humus. The first time I plant ...

well then wait. My husband did this, every day, as a mole undermines, loosens water, digs up, everyone is looking for his seeds. I would not have had so much patience.

I also did not have everything before. But she had seen enough of her neighbors, and asked around for norms. I can say a lot more.

Dry cucumbers germinate in a couple of weeks. Pumpkin and zucchini should be planted immediately with seeds in the ground. No seedlings.

And in the greenhouse I sowed watermelons, melons, pumpkins in half 5-liter containers, quickly rose, and on the weekend I planted right in them, cut the bottom - they did not even notice the change. Some cucumbers as well.

Have you planted melons and watermelons before? How to ripen? This year I planted for the first time (Moscow Region)

planted melons (small round) last year in a greenhouse in Pskov. Ripened. They smelled like an entire greenhouse ... but not sweet. For some reason ... Like the sun was enough.

and with cucumbers? I read that they are pollinating among themselves and the taste goes bad. I planted together and I can’t decide what to do

I can hardly imagine how pollination can affect the taste of the fruit by any means ... That's what then grows from a seed there - yes ... and what fruits it will bring something ... And this year - I can’t imagine from the point of view of botany, how is it related.

excellent, then I’ll take a chance and try to leave. I hope the harvest will be)) you looked after melons, watermelons? One left and cut off or in another way?

I don’t know this ... we have a greenhouse - grandmother’s patrimony. I don’t go there. I just know that they grew, smelled, ripened ... but not sweet =)

thanks for answers))

I also have my first experience, people boast that they grow in our conditions! If the weather does not fail, then we hope everything works out!

having read reviews that watermelons and melons are planted and eaten in Siberia, Surgut, I felt ashamed of my laziness !!!! The Middle Volga., you can plant everything (well, almost everything). Watermelons are already growing in the greenhouse, yesterday the first cucumber was eaten!