Giant tomatoes of the King of Kings variety

Giant tomatoes of the King of Kings variety

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The tomato variety "King of Kings" was included in the State Register of varieties of our country and is recommended for cultivation in garden plots, in home gardens and private farms as a vegetable crop of open ground. The cultivation of this variety in film shelters, greenhouse structures and greenhouses is also practiced. The variety is very popular in Ukraine and Moldova.

Description of the variety “King of Kings”

The originator of the tomato variety "King of Kings" is the N.I. Vavilova. It is a medium-late crop variety and is used both for fresh consumption and for processing into juices, tomato pastes. Bushes are indeterminate, medium leafy, with a height of about 1.45-1.85 m.

Taste indices and commercial qualities are excellent. The fruits are round, bright red in color, dense, with fleshy and very tasty pulp, which is perfect for salads, and is also easily processed into tomato paste. The color of the unripe fruits is green with a dark green spot in the area of ​​the stalk. Four or more nests are observed. The average weight of a ripe fruit can vary from 0.5 to 1.0 kg, but may be more. Productivity reaches 5.5 kg per tomato bush.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes called "King of Kings" fully justify their interesting name and have collected almost all the advantages of modern varieties and hybrids:

  • resistance to late blight;
  • high productivity;
  • beautiful, large and aligned fruits;
  • high taste;
  • the possibility of universal use of tomatoes;
  • good transportability and high enough keeping quality of the crop.

The variety is quite unpretentious and allows you to get a consistently high crop of tomatoes with minimal effort and time to care.

How to grow tomatoes

Features sowing giant tomatoes

Tomatoes of the King of Kings variety should be grown in the seedling method, which not only allows you to get healthier and stronger tomato bushes, but also significantly accelerates the harvest, and in regions with insufficiently warm summers, it contributes to the ripening of fruits directly on the bushes.

Instructions for obtaining strong and healthy seedlings:

  • the seeds should be processed before sowing in a slightly pink solution of a pharmaceutical potassium permanganate, and then, rinsed several times with clean water, soaked for a day in a growth stimulator;
  • for planting, it is recommended to use a ready-made soil mixture for growing vegetable crops;
  • when sowing, the seeds should be buried no more than 0.5-0.8 cm, which guarantees quick and friendly seedlings;
  • after the appearance of two or three true leaves on the seedlings, you should pick the plants in separate containers for growing.

Care for pickled seedlings is standard and consists of regular watering, as well as double top dressing with an interval of two to three weeks with complex mineral fertilizer.

Care Rules

Tomato seedlings "King of Kings" should be planted in open ground only after the soil and air have completely warmed up, and the threat of seedlings defeating by return frosts will also pass.

Planting scheme - 50 x 40 cm, with planting density of 3 or 4 plants per square meter. The predecessors may be vegetable and green crops, represented by cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, parsley and dill.

The main measures for the proper care of tomatoes of this variety:

  • medium-late giant varieties need abundant and regular watering, followed by loosening of the soil around the tomato bush;
  • feeding tomatoes with nettle infusion provides tomatoes with all the necessary trace elements and enrich the fruits with vitamins;
  • nitroammophosk should be used as complex fertilizers.

Besides, manure is used for top dressingas well as superphosphate, which is the most common and effective fertilizer for tomatoes.

It should be remembered that tall plants require tying and pinching in one or two stems.

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Reviews gardeners

According to reviews of most gardeners, tomato bushes of the King of Kings variety really have sufficient resistance to many diseases, including late blight, which helps to minimize chemical treatment of plants and makes the crop more useful and environmentally friendly. In addition, ripe fruits contain the antioxidant lycopene, which not only has the ability to reduce the risk of tumors, but also increases the body's natural immunity.

How to pinch tomatoes

A sufficiently long ripening period implies not only the correct formation of the bush, but also the cultivation of tomatoes in regions with cool and short summers under film shelters or in greenhouses, since, according to gardeners, from the Northern regions, the crop does not have time to fully ripen when cultivated on open ridges soil and fruit need ripening.