Designer "Lego" in the decor of a country house: TOP-20 best ideas

Designer "Lego" in the decor of a country house: TOP-20 best ideas

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If you have accumulated a lot of parts from the designer of "Lego", they can be used with benefit, having issued a country house. We present to your attention a lot of interesting ideas for incorporating the designer into the interior of the nursery, kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of the house.

1. Creating a kitchen island

Lego details can be used for a special, separately located table in the middle of the kitchen. The surface of the product is recommended to be used as a cutting, or you can embed a hob or sink. The presented solution will give the kitchen a completely new look.

2. The bin

The garbage bin collected from multi-colored details looks originally. True, it’s a pity to use it - it looks very beautiful.

3. Spice Set

The most delicious spices can be decorated by pouring them into a set created from parts of the design. Such a decision will certainly surprise guests.

4. Wall or panel decor

Another colorful idea is to make panels of lego details. It can be voluminous, you can simply decorate the walls with individual bricks. In the nursery, the names of the children laid out from the designer look great, in the living room you can draw a world map.

5. Table lamp

In the living room, you can put a lamp decorated with parts of the designer. The more interesting the pattern will look, the more attractive the lamp will look.

6. A cup for pasta and toothbrushes, other little things for the bathroom

Make the bathroom attractive will allow a cup for pasta and toothbrushes, made of bright bricks, as well as hooks for towels. It is recommended to issue Lego parts with a mirror frame and storage containers.

7. Sealing holes in the walls

Lego bricks are a great option for sealing cracks and holes in walls. With the help of them, an original and low-cost repair is carried out.

8. Bed base and sides

A bed made of elements of a popular designer looks bright and unusual. From bricks you can build a base and sides.

9. The key keeper for the corridor

A key holder is simply and quickly assembled from the designer parts. You can decorate it with figures in the form of Lego men. When a little man gets tired, he can be replaced.

10. Phone stand

You can use designer parts to create a stand for a mobile phone. It looks very original.

11. Sofa

Even the sofa can be executed in the style of "Lego". It is unlikely to be convenient, but the appearance is captivating.

12. Beautiful cup holders

In order not to wipe the table after each dinner, you can put cups and glasses on cup holders. You can run them from the same "Lego".

13. Pot for plants

Even soft plants will attract attention if you put them in a pot made of lego bricks. It is possible to make a border for a flowerbed according to the same principle.

14. Stand for knives

Keeping knives in the kitchen will be more convenient in the lego stand. A similar stand can be made for skewers.

15. Bookshelf

If there are many designer parts, you can make a bookshelf. She looks very impressive.

16. Stands for baking sheets

To save space in the kitchen from "Lego" you can create special stands on the legs. It is very convenient to store baking sheets in such a way: a baking sheet, a stand, a baking sheet, a stand and so on.

17. Photo frames

Framed by frames from Lego and hanging on the walls, photographs will not go unnoticed. Assembling frames is very simple.

18. Extension for home

You can go even further and make a full-fledged extension for the house from the designer. Children can play in it or shovels and other equipment can be stored.

19. Screen

To decorate the interior of a country house and delimit the space of a room, you can make a screen from "Lego". You can also make a full-fledged wall from the designer if necessary.

20. Chandelier

Translucent plastic parts make an excellent chandelier. When the light is on, it gives unusual shadows and a play of light.

In fact, you can make almost any piece of furniture from the Lego bricks. The main thing is to connect imagination!

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