Variety "Valek": grapes without flaws

Variety "Valek": grapes without flaws

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Grapes "Valek" (Valek) - A variety characterized by a friendly ovary formation, even if the weather conditions are unfavorable. The brushes on the bush form massive, their weight can reach 2.5 kg. The berries are tasty and have an attractive appearance.

Selection history

Variety "Valek" was obtained as a result of crossing varieties "Star" (Zvezdnyi), "Rizamat" (Rizamat) and "Kesha 1" (Kesha) breeder N.P. Vishnevetsky. The main feature of the variety is rapid ripening, only 105 days. Among other things, the variety has a high yield and excellent growth rate. "Valek "is able to tolerate cold up to -24 degrees, it is rarely affected by rot and fungi.

Grade characteristics

Variety "Valek" ripens in 105 days. The bush is vigorous, clusters are large, weight is up to 2.5 kg.

Biological Description of the Variety

The berries are beautiful, mostly consumed fresh. The color of the fruit is bright yellow, the taste is pear, the skin can also be eaten. The weight of the berry is up to 16 g, the length is up to 3 cm. The fruiting is active, the growth of the bush is strong, the yield of the variety is high. Harvesting grapes of the species presented is carried out at the end of summer.


The presented variety is not susceptible to decay and does not suffer from fungi. The bush survives the winter well if the ambient temperature does not fall below -24. Productivity is high, transplantation is carried out without problems. The berries are fleshy, the taste is sweet with a nutmeg shade. Bunches can be stored and transported.

Advantages and disadvantages

Variety "Valek" can act as a pollinator for other grape varieties. In addition to this, he also has other positive properties:

  • dense and large clusters;
  • large berries with a pleasant taste and aroma;
  • edible peel of fruits;
  • resistance to gray rot and fungi;
  • good productivity and frost resistance;
  • the fruits tolerate transportation well.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting that the variety is afraid of strong winds and will not be able to actively develop when located in a lowland.

Grapes "Valek": features of the variety

How are landing and care

Variety Valek can be grown in any region, but the Middle Strip of Russia is optimal for it. Planting a plant is in a bright, unshaded place by other cultures. It is desirable that the grapes are located on the hills.

The soil must be light. A decent distance should remain between the bushes - more than 3 m. Between the rows should remain 4 m. The depth of the landing pit should reach 80 cm.

  • First, the topsoil removed during digging is laid in it.
  • Then they put a couple of buckets of compost, and then again the soil.
  • Next, the pit is left for a couple of weeks, and it will be possible to plant grapes.

Care for the variety "Valek" is the same as for other types of grapes. The plant requires weeding, watering in hot weather, mulching the soil with sawdust. To protect against pests and diseases, grapes must be sprayed.

Feeding is carried out in the fall, while nutrients are brought directly to the roots of the plant. On 1m2 soil introduced 90 g of wood ash and 7 kg of manure.

Before the start of winter, the bushes are covered, and after the frosts have passed, the shelter should be removed. Carry out procedures before sunrise or after sunset.

How is the formation of the vine

The vine must be formed. Sick and dry branches should be broken off, which prevent nutrients and water from reaching the sprouts. Break off the shoots only after the inflorescences and antennae have formed, but before they harden.

Pinching the vine consists of breaking off the green shoot of the upper part of the plant; stepsons should also be removed so that water and nutrients flow to healthy sprouts. Carry out the procedure a couple of days before flowering.

Thinning of the leaves of the vine is necessary so that the berries ripen faster. The procedure is carried out a couple of weeks before the berries ripen. Near each cluster no more than 5 leaves are removed.

Pruning of the vine is carried out in the fall, after the bush has dropped its leaves. This is necessary so that the berries are not crushed. In the first year of cultivation, pruning is not performed.

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Gardeners reviews

Gardeners note that the variety "Valek" is not susceptible to fungal diseases, but still, in order to prevent it, it must be treated with chemical solutions. The rest of the variety has practically no shortcomings, so the variety is very popular among those involved in the cultivation of grapes.

How to form a bush of grapes

The fruits of the plant are sweet, the number of berries on the brush is large. You can use the fruits in food fresh or use them to create wine. Reviews of gardeners about the variety are only positive, so you should listen to them and start growing the variety on your site.