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Why do tomatoes disappear

Why do tomatoes disappear

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I decided to try growing cultivars “Balcony Miracle” at home in my apartment. Seeds did not soak, but immediately planted in prepared soil. A few days later the first sprouts appeared. As a result, almost everyone has risen. Everything was fine, I was about to dive, even prepared separate pots with earth and fertilizer, when suddenly, in just two days, all the sprouts became lethargic and frail. A day later, half disappeared, the rest somehow hold on. With what it can be connected? Is it worth it to transplant them in this state?


Nainka, very much like a black leg. Before sowing, you had to shed the soil with a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and also process seeds with such a solution. This is firstly, and secondly, I think that you have flooded your seedlings and that is why they got sick. Of course, you can transplant the surviving plants into the disinfected soil, and after the transplant, be sure to pour them with the onion husk infusion. And in the future, do not fill the plants.