Grapes "Bogatyanovsky": features of the variety and cultivation rules

Grapes "Bogatyanovsky": features of the variety and cultivation rules

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“Bogatyanovsky” grapes is a relatively new table hybrid form from amateur selection of varieties by V. N. Krainov. The parent pair of the hybrid is represented by the varieties Talisman and Kishmish Luchisty.

Grade characteristics

White-berry grapes of table destination are very popular not only in our country, but also among foreign consumers. Grape Varieties “Bogatyanovsky” compares favorably with similar modern varieties with larger and more beautiful berries. The author of the variety managed to combine the best quality characteristics of the parent pair of plants in a new hybrid form.

Biological description

The early-medium term ripening of grapes of this variety allows you to get a harvest of juicy berries in 135-140 days after massive awakening of buds on the bushes. The “Bogatyanovsky” grape bushes are medium in strength or vigorous. Own bushes are almost always vigorous. Functional flowers are bisexual.

The formed clusters favorably differ in very large sizes. The average weight of the bunch is from 800 g to 1.5 kg. The shape of the brushes is conical, the density is average. The shoot ripening is stably good and is observed along almost the entire length of the vine. The fruiting coefficient can vary from 1.1 to 1.4. The volume of fruitful shoots is from 75% to 90%.

Technical characteristics of berries

Berries form and ripen together, they have very large sizes - 3.5 x 2.8 cm, the average weight of grapes is from 18 to 20 g. The shape of the berries is ovoid. The main color is yellow-green. At the stage of full ripening, the berries often acquire a beautiful golden yellow color.

The pulp of ripe berries is fleshy and very juicy. Taste characteristics are high. The taste is pronounced, pleasant and harmonious. The skin is medium in density and can be easily chewed. The sugar content of berry juice is 18-22% with an acidity of 7-8 g / l. Commercial quality grapes at the highest level.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The new hybrid form "Bogatyanovsky" has won the approval of many winegrowers due to the following advantages:

  • shoot ripening is almost complete;
  • cuttings are characterized by good rooting;
  • indicators of crop transportability and marketability of fully ripened brushes at a high level;
  • resistance to mildew is 3 points;
  • resistance to damage by oidium is 3.5 points;
  • resistance to gray rot is quite high;
  • declared frost resistance is -23 ° C;
  • shoots most often form 2-3 inflorescences;
  • yields are high and stable annually.

Grapes "Bogatyanovsky": general information

However, the Bogatyanovsky variety is not without some drawbacks, including the tendency of grape bushes to overload the harvest, which requires careful regulation of the number of formed inflorescences and brushes.

Landing rules and care features

When cultivating grapes on a personal plot, it is very important to take into account any trifles both in terms of agricultural technology and in the process of monitoring the reaction of plants to care.

Planting grapes of the hybrid form "Bogatyanovsky" is carried out in accordance with the following requirements:

  • the planting pit should be placed on a hill, which will insure the vine bushes from the traumatic effects of frost;
  • clay and sandy soils are not very suitable for the cultivation of grapes and need to be stabilized by adding humus or peat;

  • the optimal time for planting grape seedlings is mid-spring, but it is allowed to plant in the autumn period, taking into account the time required for rooting and adaptation of the plant before frost;
  • strong growth of the vine involves the use of supports that guide growth and keep the plant in the correct, upright position;
  • the load on each grape bush should be about 30-40 shoots;
  • pruning of the vine is recommended for 6-8 eyes.

This hybrid grape has proven itself when grown in its own root form. Leaving consists in watering, the amount and abundance of which should be focused on indicators of soil moisture and heavy precipitation. In addition, it should be remembered that overloading the bushes can adversely affect the ripening of berries.

Gardeners reviews

Today, Viktor Nikolayevich Krainov, a breeder from the city of Novocherkassk, is grateful to most winegrowers today for breeding high-quality and high-yielding hybrid plant forms.

The main indisputable advantages of the Bogatyanovsky grapes are the formation of very large clusters on the bushes with large and beautiful golden-colored berries, as well as stable and abundant crops.

Grapes "Bogatyanovsky" has a very high commercial quality and excellent transportability, which allows to cultivate this variety for the purpose of subsequent sale. Performing standard preventive treatments almost completely prevents damage to the bushes of major diseases. To propagate the plant, most growers use cuttings that are fairly easy to root and quickly move to growth.

How to cover grapes for the winter

The beautiful, large and lined grape berry of the Bogatyanovsky variety with a characteristic yellow tan is the subject of admiration for many wine growers, which makes the variety popular and in demand.