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Grapes "Anyuta": description of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

Grapes "Anyuta": description of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

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Grapes "Anyuta" refers to the number of table hybrid varieties with a medium-late ripening period. This variety is loved by many winegrowers for their low cultivation requirements and the pleasant taste of berries.

Selection history

This hybrid form of amateur selection by V. N. Krainov was obtained by crossing grape varieties "Rayon Radish" and "Kesha-1". The average late maturity of this hybrid form allows you to get the crop in 140 days.

Grade characteristics

Parent grape varieties gave birth to a new hybrid form with an excellent set of qualities, among which are not only the appearance of the plant, but also the great taste of the berries.

Biological description

Bushes are vigorous. Grape bunches of the hybrid form "Anyuta" have a very attractive appearance, are characterized by high commercial qualities. The average weight of the grape brush, depending on weather conditions and agricultural practices, can vary from 700 g to 1.3 kg. The cluster has a conical shape. The berries are not too tightly placed, which makes the structure of the brush somewhat loose. Bisexual flowers.

Technical characteristics of berries

Particularly attractive to the variety are large, dark pink berries. They are oval in shape and weigh from 15 to 20 grams. Diameter can reach 35 mm. The pulp is fleshy, moderately juicy, covered with a dense, but completely eaten skin. The taste is very delicate, with a slight muscat aroma.

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Advantages and disadvantages

A hybrid variety called Anyuta has many advantages, including:

  • excellent taste of ripe berries;
  • very attractive appearance of berries, without tendency to pea;
  • the formation of large grapes;
  • indicators of frost resistance up to -22ºะก;
  • grapes are not affected by wasps;
  • the storage duration and transportability of the harvested crop are high;
  • good resistance to fungal infections.

Grapes "Anyuta": characteristics

Among the disadvantages include:

  • somewhat mucous and liquid consistency of the pulp of ripe berries;
  • the presence of several large enough seeds;
  • cracking berries in rainy weather;
  • the need to shelter the vine for the winter.

The variety can be cultivated even by beginner gardeners and winegrowers. Cuttings and seedlings easily root and adapt in a fairly short time. Resistance to mildew and oidium is 3-3.5 points.

Landing rules and care features

The hybrid form of grapes called "Anyuta" has a wide regionalization and is in demand by gardeners. The fruiting of the plant occurs four or five years after planting seedlings. Cultivation requires knowledge of some requirements for the care of the grape bush.

  • Before planting, you should dig up the soil and fertilize the soil in the area under the vineyard.
  • With a high occurrence in the groundwater section, a layer of small gravel should be poured onto the bottom of the landing pit.
  • When planting grape bushes near capital buildings, you should step back from the foundation foundation of 80 cm.
  • A layer of humus, mineral fertilizers, including potassium, phosphorus and iron, as well as a layer of fertile soil should be poured over crushed stone.
  • The root neck of seedlings should be placed on the surface of the soil.

Care measures include watering plants, mulching with soil organic matter around the bushes, pruning shoots and sleeves, as well as spraying with fungicidal preparations against major diseases. Depending on the cultivation region, sheltering the vine for the winter period may be required. To do this, bend it to the ground and fill it with soil, and then cover it with fir spruce to protect it from frost.

Gardeners reviews

Despite the fact that the same variety can show different results in different areas, the hybrid form "Anyuta" consistently deserves positive reviews and high marks from winegrowers. Against the background of many other varieties and hybrids, Anyuta shows a very good rooting and survival rate in a new place. It is very important not to overload the vine bushes of this variety, a small load should be given to the vine, which allows you to get very large and tasty berries.

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