Apple tree "Shtrifel": variety description and growing rules

Apple tree "Shtrifel": variety description and growing rules

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The apple tree is one of the most popular trees among gardeners. Currently, there are many different varieties of apples. Each variety has both its adherents and opponents. The choice of variety should be based not only on its description, but also taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region.

Grade Features

Very popular in our country is an autumn variety of apple trees called "Shtrifel". Also, this variety is known under other names, including "Streifling", "Autumn striped". These apple trees were loved by gardeners due to their high productivity and pleasant spicy taste of ripened fruits.

The country of origin of the variety is the Baltic states. In recent years, "Shtrifel" has spread widely in all the former Soviet republics. Nthe most popular variety "Shtrifel" was in the middle of Russia, where for such fruit plantings simply ideal climatic and weather conditions are created.

Fruit trees of the Shtrifel cultivar are characterized by comparative durability. The resistance of plants to scab affecting the fruits and leaves of an apple tree can be characterized as medium or above average.

The main advantages of the variety are represented by good productivity, high taste and attractive appearance of the fruit. Certain disadvantages of the variety include the relatively late date of entry of trees into fruiting, the presence of an unsharp periodicity of fruiting, rather large dimensions of fruit stands and poor drought tolerance.

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Apple tree "Shtrifel": cultivation

Grade description

Apple trees of the Shtrifel cultivar, or Autumn Striped, can be described as powerful. The height of the barrel exceeds six meters. As a rule, the development of a cauldron-shaped crown with drowning branches is observed. Trees are durable and winter hardy. Variety Apple Trees "Shtrifel" possess very high reducing abilities, which saves trees even in very frosty winters with extremely low temperatures. Gardeners should take into account the characteristic feature of the variety, which is manifested in the demanding plants for irrigation: they must be plentiful and regular.

The foliage of the Shtrifel apple-tree is thick and has a grayish-green color. Rounded in shape the leaves of the plant are characterized by a significant degree of pubescence. The flowers are large and light pink in color, have a cup-shaped or saucer-shaped.

Apple trees of the Shtrifel grade belong to the category of fruitful. Fruiting occurs at a fairly late date. On five-year-old trees, single fruits are formed. Significant and abundant crops can be formed only on plants whose age exceeds 12 years.

The fruits of the apple-tree variety "Shtrifel" have large sizes, unequal rounded conical shape with pronounced ribs at the base. The skin is quite thin, smooth, with a waxy coating. At the stage of removable ripeness, the fruits have a greenish color with a yellow, speckled tint. Over time, the staining changes to yellow, heterogeneous. The surface of the fruit has bright red-orange stripes. Full ripening is characterized by the acquisition of a brown hue.

Chemical composition and application

The pulp of the fruit is very juicy, has slight yellowness and friability. The taste is sweet and sour, harmonious.

The parameters of the chemical composition of ripened fruits are as follows:

  • the total amount of sugars is 10%;
  • the content of titratable acids slightly exceeds 0.5%;
  • the ascorbic acid content is slightly more than 8 mg per 100 g of pulp;
  • the content of pectin substances does not exceed 12%.

It should be borne in mind that the amount of vitamin C is significantly higher in fruits that were collected in the northern latitudes. The fruits can be dried and canned.

We also offer you to get acquainted with the varietal features of the Jonagold apple tree.

Planting and Care Rules

Apple trees of the Shtrifel cultivar are planted according to the standard scheme, with the only difference being that the distance between plants in orchard plantings should be doubled. The rules for caring for planted plants are as follows:

  • timely pruning and crown formation of plants;
  • carrying out plentiful watering, which is especially important in the conditions of a dry summer;
  • feeding in the spring and autumn by applying mineral and organic fertilizers.

Very important to carry out measures to combat pests and diseases, due to the lack of resistance of the plant to damage.

Autumn varieties of apple trees

The removable stage of fruit maturity largely depends on the climatic characteristics of the cultivated area. As a rule, in central Russia this stage falls on the first days of September. Apples of this variety are not characterized by the possibility of long-term storage. As much as possible, it is possible to maintain the harvest until the last days of November.