The best recipes for cooking eggplant in Georgian for the winter

The best recipes for cooking eggplant in Georgian for the winter

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Georgian cuisine is popular in many countries. That is why Georgian blue eggplants for the winter are a traditional dish that many housewives love to preserve. Pickled eggplants stand out from the rest of the twists, as they not only have good taste, but also stand out for their appearance.

Some people find it very difficult to preserve pickled eggplants. However, this is not so difficult to do if you familiarize yourself in advance with how to cook eggplants in Georgian for the winter.

Container preparation

Swirling eggplants in Georgian style for the winter without sterilization is quite rare. Most people prefer to seal fried eggplants in pre-sterilized containers. Therefore, it is difficult to find a housewife who would not sterilize the jars before using them.


Often, an eggplant appetizer for the winter is closed in jars that have previously been steamed. This is the most common sterilization method.

To process containers, you must inspect them in advance and make sure that they are not cracked. After that, a small saucepan is filled with water and placed on the gas stove. A lattice is placed on top, which is needed for installing cans. They are processed until drops of water begin to flow down the inside of their lids. After that, you can remove the container from the pan and roll up the salted eggplant for the winter.

In the dishwasher

If the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, then you can sterilize the container with it. Before twisting the workpiece, all cans should be thoroughly washed and placed in the dishwasher. The water temperature in it must be at least 70 degrees. The container is processed for 10-20 minutes, after which you can roll baked or pickled eggplants.

In the oven

Salted eggplants can be rolled up in containers that have been sterilized in the oven. For such purposes, a gas oven is completely unsuitable, since it has an uneven temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to use an electric model with a more stable heating temperature.

It is very easy to sterilize jars with this method. To do this, it is necessary to place several containers in an oven heated to 150 degrees. They are kept in it for 20 minutes, after which we take them out and preserve the blue ones.

Classic recipe

There are various recipes for making preserves, but not all of them can be used at home. A classic recipe for the winter will help to close the Georgian eggplant at home. Such a blank is created using the following ingredients:

  • three heads of garlic;
  • one pepper;
  • a kilogram of eggplant;
  • 80 g sugar;
  • salt to taste;
  • 400 ml of oil;
  • 100 ml vinegar.

In some cases, this salting is supplemented with other ingredients. For example, some people put tomatoes in jars.

Preservation begins with the preparation of all the required ingredients. For the preparation of the appetizer, a delicious and young eggplant is selected. All blue ones are thoroughly washed and cut into small circles and set aside. Some of them may have a bitter taste, and to get rid of it, you will have to soak the vegetables in a special saline solution.

Don't soak each sliced ​​eggplant for too long. It is enough to allocate 10-15 minutes for this.

Having prepared the main ingredients, you need to start preparing the sauce. It is in it that the sliced ​​eggplants will be closed. To prepare the sauce, you will have to cut the bell pepper into circles. However, before that, you should remove the core with seeds and the stalk. After that, each piece of pepper is passed through a meat grinder to obtain a homogeneous liquid mass. If you don't have a meat grinder, you can use a food processor or blender instead.

After preparing the sauce, you should start frying the eggplant with tomatoes or other vegetables. The ingredients are laid out in a dense layer in a frying pan drizzled with vegetable oil. When the pan is well heated, you can pour chopped garlic or onions into it. Bulgarian pepper is added a little later. Everything is sprinkled with chopped pepper only after the eggplants are completely fried on all sides. All ingredients in a frying pan are thoroughly mixed and stewed for 20 minutes. If you do not periodically stir the contents of the pan with a wooden spatula, then the blue ones will burn.

The whole mass from the pan is poured into a small saucepan and poured with the prepared sauce. If the mixture has not been salted before, then a pinch of salt should be added to it. Also, pour some vinegar and sugar into the pan. Then everything is boiled on the stove for about 15 minutes.

After that, distribute the hot mass over the previously sterilized jars and close them with seaming lids. The twisted containers are turned over and cooled for 10 hours, after which they can be transferred to the cellar for storage.

With apples

Some recipes differ from others with unique ingredients. One of these recipes is eggplant roll with apples. To create snacks you will need:

  • a kilogram of blue;
  • a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • 500 g of pepper;
  • 400 g onions;
  • two apples;
  • 300 g butter;
  • 90 g of salt.

For the preparation of preservation, it is recommended to use better varieties of sweet and sour apples. They are thoroughly washed, peeled and cut into small cubes. After that, the blue ones are prepared. They should also be washed from dirt and peeled first. First, they are cut lengthwise, and then the cut strips are chopped into small cubes.

After preparing the main vegetables, pour the oil into the pan and heat it up a little. Then onions, eggplants, apples with peppers and tomatoes are poured into it. If you want to close the hot blue ones for the winter, then you should add more pepper. All this is stewed for half an hour over low heat. To make a canned snack, pour the entire contents of the pan into jars and roll up.


There are different recipes for making eggplant winter preservation. To prepare such a snack, it is enough to study any recipe with a photo and follow what is written in it. You can also consult with a person who has been pickling blue ones for more than a year.

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