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Isn't it too late to plant beets

Isn't it too late to plant beets

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Tell me, please, is it still possible to plant beets? Or not grow?


If the seeds do not bite, then soak others. Try it with epin. I think it's not too late to plant.

Beetroot rises well. I have expired ascended. Be safe, soak for the night. And plant the spilled holes tomorrow. Can film for several. Days to close. Plant. Not too late. Will increase.

Oh my God! Beets grow beautifully and quickly if they are sown simply with dry seeds directly into the ground. The only condition is warm, warm earth. Sow, have time to grow. And do not reinvent the wheel.

Alina, sow in a greenhouse, make a groove, pour boiling water, sow seeds immediately, sprinkle with earth, or sifted sand, press a little with your hand and put the dolls on the film, and then plant the seedlings, you will have time to do everything.

Sow of course. Beetroot summer crops are very well stored.

In my snail, excellent beets have grown!

Thank you all very much! I have zero experience and so many questions 🙂

I also soaked by the Yulin method, only 3 sprouts hatched! I randomly planted these raw seeds! And it all came up!

Grow and plant.

I will also plant the other day, the radish is still black for storage.

I also soaked the beets for the first time and not a single seed did not hatch. Yesterday I planted in the usual way. Dry seeds in a spilled groove