Description of the Orange tomato variety, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the Orange tomato variety, its characteristics and productivity

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Some summer residents do not recognize any varieties of tomatoes other than red ones. For those who do not adhere to these stereotypes, Orange tomato is suitable for several reasons. Firstly, it is unpretentious, and secondly, the orange color of the vegetable and many other positive properties.

Variety criteria

Why is the characteristic and description of the variety necessary, every summer resident knows. This information allows you to favorably arrange the bushes on the site, to properly care for them.


  • Superdeterminate.
  • Refers to mid-season varieties, as it ripens in 100-115 days.
  • The height of the bush is 80 cm.


  • Orange color.
  • Rounded shape.
  • Weighing 90-150 g.
  • The taste is sweet, slightly sour.
  • The density is average.
  • Due to the dense skin, they perfectly tolerate transportation, while maintaining their presentation.

A variation of this variety is another type of tomato that is in demand among summer residents, this is Big Orange. It differs in the indeterminate structure of the bush, early ripening, fruit weight up to 250 g, and a total yield from 1 m2, amounting to 20 kg.

Planting seeds

Experienced summer residents are advised to grow tomatoes in seedlings, as there is a possibility of getting fruits ahead of time. Seeds should be sown in advance, 60 days before transferring to a permanent place. Each gardener independently calculates the days when to start sowing, since the regional climate is different.

Land for seedlings is prepared in advance or purchased in stores. Its composition is as follows:

  • 1 part of sod land;
  • 1 part sand;
  • 2 parts of humus;
  • some wood ash and sawdust.

Seeds purchased in specialized stores from trusted manufacturers do not need processing. It is recommended to lower your planting material in a 3% solution of potassium permanganate for several hours.

Small seedlings need sunlight, 16 hours a day, air temperature from + 20-22 ⁰С. Top dressing is carried out 21 days after germination. Use complex fertilizers or growth stimulants.

Transfer to the ground

No less hassle for the summer resident during the period of transfer to a permanent place. It is necessary to apply fertilizers, and prepare a plot for the beds. Humus and wood ash are added to the holes. Plants are watered and transplanted into them.

For the first few days, it is better not to water the tomatoes, this will prevent the appearance of rot.

1 m2 have 6 plants, they should not interfere with each other. Weeds are removed in a timely manner, as it prevents tomatoes from developing correctly, in addition, it is a carrier of diseases and pests.

Loosening and hilling will provide oxygen to the roots and retain moisture in the soil. Water the tomatoes as needed, in the evening. The water is used warm.

Top dressing of tomatoes at least 3 times:

  • 14 days after transplant.
  • During the flowering period.
  • During the period of fruit setting and formation.

The plant does not need to be formed. The bushes are not very spreading, a garter is not needed, a strong stem can support the weight of the fruit itself.

Household use. Yield

Orange tomatoes are used everywhere. They add to salads, prepare dishes, use for salting and canning. A feature of the variety is the presence of beta-carotene in the fruit. Therefore, vegetables are used for dietary nutrition.

If all the requirements of agricultural technology are fulfilled, up to 6.5 kg of tomatoes from 1 m2.

Plant immunity

An important criterion for choosing a variety is susceptibility to diseases. Disease resistance of tomatoes makes the variety popular among others.

F1 Orange Tomatoes Resist:

  • Alternaria.
  • Tobacco mosaic.

Against other diseases, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatment. Using chemicals before flowering, and folk methods after.

What do summer residents say about Orange tomatoes?

An excellent assistant to a novice gardener is the reviews of those who have already grown the variety on their site. In addition to their own opinion, some vegetable growers give specific advice on care and cultivation.

Vasily: “Excellent variety, good yield. Unpretentious and disease-resistant plants. "

Marina: “I have been growing for 2 years in a row. The taste is excellent, the size of the vegetable is suitable for any type of consumption. "

Natalia: “I tried to plant Orange and Big Orange. We liked them, both remain in the collection.

Tomatoes of the variety have many useful properties, one of them is the presence in the composition of a special compound that is suitable for dietary nutrition.

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