Champion apple tree: variety description and cultivation features

Champion apple tree: variety description and cultivation features

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One of the varieties of apple trees, bred in the Czech Republic in the early 1970s, is called "Champion". It was obtained as a result of crossbreeding the Delicious variety with the Renet variety.

These apple trees have earned popularity and are widespread in Europe. The demand for the variety is due to the unpretentiousness of the trees and the interesting taste of the fruits.

Grade Features

Champion variety early maturity rates are high. The first crop from a garden plant can be harvested in the third year after planting seedlings. The fruiting is stable, and the yield is very high. Apple trees with an age of at least five years each year give about twenty kilograms of fruit from each plant. Garden trees of this variety are quite compact.

The main advantage of the variety is the high palatability of the fruits and their attractive appearance. Besides, High productivity in combination with early maturity is of no small importance. A disadvantage is the susceptibility of plants to diseases such as bitter fossa and bacterial burns.

Clones of this variety exist and are successfully being implemented:

  • clone "Champion Arno";
  • clone "Champion Renault".

Grade description

The trees are characterized by low stature, as well as the presence of a compact crown, having an oval shape and medium thickening. Before fruiting, active plant growth is observed. In the future, growth indicators slow down noticeably.

The main branches when moving away from the stem form an acute angle. The kidneys are characterized by the presence of high excitability, the tendency to shoot formation is quite low. Fruiting is of a mixed type and can be observed not only on the ringworm, but also on the fruit rods and spears.

Flowering is quite plentiful, friendly and observed in the medium term. Pollen has an average or above average viability level. Vital activity indicators can range from 18 to 30%. The process of free pollination allows no more than a third of the fruits to start.

Winter varieties of apple trees

The variety belongs to the category of partially self-pollinated. To increase productivity, it is advisable to plant in the immediate vicinity of apple-pollinators of the varieties "Idared", "Lobo", "James-Greve" or "Florina".

Fruit characterization

Apples of this variety are characterized by large sizes with indicators of weight from 150 to 200 g. Fruits are one-dimensional, of a regular rounded oval shape. The taste rating is 4.7 points. The peel is characterized by dryness, thinness, but at the same time, density and elasticity. At the stage of removable maturity, the main coloration of the fruit is greenish with yellow, and the integumentary staining is expressed on a significant part of the fruit's surface in the form of an orange or red, blurry or striped blush.

The variety is suitable for fresh consumption and conservation.

Features of planting and care

The plant is characterized by medium hardiness. To protect the fruit plantations of the Champion variety when cultivated in cold climates it is advisable to carry out a wrapping of trunks for the winter period.

The landing area should be protected from the north, very cold wind. It is not recommended to plant seedlings in wetlands with stagnation of groundwater. Champion-grade apple trees can be planted in spring in accordance with the 4 x 1.5 m pattern.

In order to prevent diseases, correct and timely pruning should be performed, which is due to the low degree of growth intensity of the apple tree. Before the period of fruit collection, it is periodically necessary to treat foliage with calcium fertilizers. Apple trees are medium resistant to powdery mildew.

Champion cultivation is preferred on dwarf rootstocks. When using a stock like “M9”, the first stage of fruiting may occur in the year of planting.

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Harvesting and Storage

Removable ripe fruit on Champion apple trees occurs in the second half of September. Depending on climatic conditions and weather conditions, the period of removable ripeness of the fruit may vary slightly. Young garden plantings firmly enough hold the ripened crop on the branches. Premature fall of the fruit is rare and only on old or depleted trees. It should be remembered that late-harvested apples are much worse preserved and may have a less attractive appearance.

The consumer period begins two weeks after collection and falls on October. In the refrigerator, apples can remain fresh for five months. In the general type of storage, the fruits are well preserved only for two months.

How to prune an apple tree in spring

The transportability indicators of fruits of this variety are average, therefore, if necessary, transportation of fruits requires high-quality packaging.