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How to save tomatoes

How to save tomatoes

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This year there was a good tomato crop. From almost every bush I collected 1-1.5 buckets. But the fruits did not have a presentation, they cracked in the bud so there were problems with the implementation. I understand that this happened due to heavy rains throughout the summer. Tell me, is it possible to somehow resist this and protect the tomatoes from cracking.


Sudden changes in temperature and humidity lead to crackling tomatoes. For example, the dry period sharply changed to the rainy period, at the beginning of the development of tomatoes. This also happens if the tomato bushes were not watered for a long time, and then they were watered with a large volume of water. Watering should be moderate and regular. For planting, choose varieties resistant to moisture changes. If you are unable to provide regular watering, a drip irrigation system will help you. Large-fruited tomato varieties are most susceptible to cracking.