Description and characteristics of the apple tree Wonderful, the yield of the variety and cultivation

Description and characteristics of the apple tree Wonderful, the yield of the variety and cultivation

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Among the abundance of fruit crops, it is imperative to highlight the Wonderful apple tree, which has many characteristics that will certainly appeal to beginners and experienced gardeners. The tree will easily take root even in the harsh Siberian conditions and will certainly delight with the harvest.

The history of apple tree breeding Chudnoe

The variety is grateful for its breeding to the Chelyabinsk Research Institute. The goal set by scientists is to get a tree that will not be afraid of the harsh Ural conditions. The varieties Uralskoe Severnoye and Eliza Ratke were used for crossing. Wonderful - a relatively new variety, appeared at the end of the last century.

Description of the variety

Wonderful has many positive features that are best known in advance. Armed with the necessary knowledge, you can easily cope with leaving.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Chudnoye apple tree has many advantages that will certainly delight gardeners. Among the advantages of the variety:

  • endurance;
  • fruiting even in harsh conditions;
  • excellent taste of apples;
  • early maturity;
  • resistance to diseases;
  • compactness.

Of the shortcomings, only one is distinguished - the short duration of storage.

Size of an adult tree

Wonderful - a dwarf tree. The height of an adult tree does not exceed 2.5 m. The apple trees grown on dwarf rootstocks are much lower - up to one and a half meters.

The dwarf apple tree has a crown of up to 3 m. The branches are located horizontally to the ground, spread over the ground itself.

Features of the root system

The root system of the Chudnoe apple tree is compact, does not exceed 3 m in diameter.In older trees, it can grow up to 5 m.

Diseases and pests

Wonderful - a variety that is resistant to the most common diseases of fruit crops. A few preventive treatments are enough so that the tree is not affected by rot, scab, powdery mildew. Pests also rarely inhabit the variety.

Usually, chemicals are used for treatments, prevention will help protect the plant from insects.

Winter hardiness

Crossing winter-hardy apple trees made it possible to obtain a variety that can easily endure severe winters without shelter. A large amount of snow will only do good, a snowdrift will allow the tree to easily withstand frosts.

Features of growing in the regions

It is recommended to grow the miraculous in different regions of Russia, even those with harsh climatic conditions. The variety has gained popularity in Belarus and the Baltic countries.

The harvest

Distinctive characteristics of the variety are regular fruiting (the apple tree does not have a rest period) and high yield. It will be possible to collect up to 85 kg from one tree. The average fruit weight is 180 g.


For fruiting, it is not necessary to place pollinators nearby - the variety is partially self-fertile. Other apple trees are recommended to be used only for active fruit setting and yield increase.

Pollinating varieties

The cultivars Bratchud and Anis Sverdlovskiy proved to be the most effective pollinators. The Land apple tree also performed well.


Flowering begins in late April, in cold regions in May. The flowering period is extended and often lasts up to several weeks.

Fruit ripening

The apple tree Chudnaya is considered to be a medium-ripening variety. The first wave of the harvest is in early August. Fruiting lasts almost until September.

Fruit storage

Storage is short. When using a cellar or refrigerator, it will be possible to preserve the fruits until almost mid-autumn.

Cyclic fruiting

The apple tree Chudnoye bears fruit regularly. The trees have no rest breaks. The only thing is that the number of fruits may slightly decrease, but top dressing will come to the rescue here.

Tasting apple flavor

The taste of apples is excellent - sweet pulp with a pleasant hint of acid. A pleasant aftertaste remains. The pulp is juicy, has a fine grain.

How to plant and grow an apple tree correctly

In growing an apple tree Wonderful, much depends on the correct planting and adherence to agricultural techniques, which should be studied in advance.

Choosing a place on the site

It is important to choose the most suitable place for the apple tree. It is recommended to land Wonderful in the sunniest area. The tree is not afraid of drafts, so even planting in an open place will not harm the plant.

Required soil composition

The dwarf likes light soils, so before planting in the hole, it is recommended to add:

  • several handfuls of pure river sand;
  • rotted compost;
  • light forest soil;
  • garden soil.

From fertilizers, it is better to add a little superphosphate.

Step-by-step process of planting seedlings

Pour a low mound of soil into the prepared hole with a diameter of at least half a meter. Arrange the seedling, be sure to straighten the roots. Cover with small portions of soil, trying to fill all the voids between the root processes. Be sure to complete with abundant watering (at least a bucket per seedling) and mulching.

Features of seasonal care

In the spring, apply organic fertilizing under the plant. If necessary, remove shoots that have frozen over the winter or are damaged by the wind. Watch out for pests and diseases in the summer. Despite the resistance of the trees to infections and insects, preventive treatment is indispensable. Better to use chemicals.

In the fall, you will have to sanitize. Top dressing and watering are not required.

Soil care

Soil maintenance is not difficult. It will be necessary to remove weeds that take moisture and nutrients from the tree, monitor the moisture. Watering is carried out weekly, especially in hot summer.


Before watering, be sure to loosen the soil surface. Do not penetrate too deeply, there is a risk of damaging the root processes located near the surface. If you put a layer of mulch in advance, loosening will have to be done much less often.


Apple tree Wonderful loves organic fertilizers. It is not necessary to prepare a mullein solution, it is enough to pour a layer of nutrient mulch from compost or humus. Together with rainwater, the elements necessary for the tree will certainly penetrate into the soil.

Preventive treatment

In the spring, it is imperative to carry out preventive irrigation of the apple tree against diseases and pests. Usually chemicals are used. Use drugs with a high concentration of copper against diseases. "Topaz" is used against insects.The timely removal of fallen leaves, in which larvae or bacteria are often hiding, will help protect against pests and diseases.


In the first year after planting, the main trunk is removed at a height of slightly more than half a meter from the ground. In subsequent years, remove too long or thickened shoots. It is imperative to carry out sanitary pruning.

Frost and rodent protection

It is not necessary to protect the plant from frost, the apple tree perfectly tolerates low temperatures. Only in cold regions is it advisable to wrap up the trunk and add an extra layer of mulch. Use a special net to keep out rodents. If there are a lot of apple trees, it is better to build a low fence that will protect the trees.

Apple tree Chudnoe is an excellent choice for gardeners who plan to grow a compact garden with generously fruitful trees. For a little attention, the variety will certainly delight you with a harvest of juicy crispy apples, which are recommended to be used in conservation, to prepare delicious desserts, and to be consumed fresh.

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