Description of cucumbers varieties Babushkin secret f1, cultivation and care

Description of cucumbers varieties Babushkin secret f1, cultivation and care

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One of the novelties in the gardens of our compatriots is the cucumber Babushkin's secret f1. First of all, greenhouse owners like it. In addition, cucumbers of this variety can be grown on the balcony or windowsill of your home. The conditions of the northern climate are suitable for him. But you need to know certain features inherent in these cucumbers.

Description of the variety

Cucumbers of the Babushkin Secret variety are early parthenocarpic hybrids. Already 50 days after germination, you can feast on the first harvest. Reviews of summer residents indicate that, under ideal conditions, the fruits began to ripen after 40 days. For lovers of early harvests, this is a real find. The bush of Grandma's secret is medium in size, long-term fruiting is provided by indeterminacy.

Cucumbers are a kind of bunch varieties. This means that they have a bouquet bloom, and several fruits are formed in the axils. The fruits reach the size of 10-12 centimeters, and the weight of each of them is 90-100 grams. For canning, the crop is harvested at the pickle stage. The size of the cucumbers at this time is only 4–5 centimeters.

Zelentsy at Grandma's Secret are distinguished by their bright green color and large tubercles on the surface, strewn with white thorns. The pulp is devoid of bitterness, sweaty.

Cucumber Granny's Secret f1 is intended for open field cultivation. Only due to the fact that they do not require the participation of insects for pollination, the variety has gained great popularity among greenhouse owners. It should be noted that in the latter case, these cucumbers have become indispensable.

Main advantages and disadvantages

The Babushkin Secret variety has significantly more advantages than disadvantages. That is why most gardeners are already growing it on their plots. The positive qualities of cucumbers include:

  • high productivity (in greenhouses, the indicators reach 15-16 kg, and in the open field - 6-8 kg);
  • has no barren flowers;
  • excellent taste;
  • universal application;
  • increased resistance to disease;
  • suitability for long distance transportation.

But Grandma's secret also has certain drawbacks. If the stalks are pollinated by bees and deformation of the fruit occurs, then unwanted cucumber bitterness may appear. Also, gardeners will not be able to independently collect seeds and prepare seed for the next season. Even if female peduncles pollinated by bees give fruit with seeds, it will not be possible to get plants with the same characteristics as the mother. This is the disadvantage of all hybrid varieties.

Growing features

Cucumbers of the Babushkin Secret variety are undemanding in care and growing conditions. However, the soil must be selected with a high content of turf and humus. You should not plant the plants in the same garden where cucumbers were grown last season. For good development of the bushes, it is required that the air temperature does not drop below +15 ⁰С.

It is possible to grow Grandma's secret both by seedling method and by direct sowing into the ground. The seeds are distinguished by good germination. The sowing depth is 1.5–2 centimeters. The soil should be loose, air and moisture permeable. For cultivation in greenhouses, it is advisable to prepare seedlings. It is planted in a permanent place of growth when 4 true leaves are formed.

In heated greenhouses, seedlings are sown in February. Grandma's secret is planted at the rate of 3-4 plants per square meter. 120 centimeters are left in the aisles. If you do not plan to leave side shoots, then the plantings can be made more thickened.

Care features

Cucumbers Babushkin's secret need regular watering. For this purpose, it is good to resort to the use of drip irrigation systems. Their advantage is that moisture gets directly to the roots and does not harm the leaves. The threat of stagnation of water is also excluded, which is important for greenhouse cultivation.

To prevent diseases and improve air circulation, the beds where Babushkin's secret cucumbers grow are regularly weeded and removed. To obtain high yields, plants require timely tying and pinching of lateral shoots. This variety is grown mainly in the trellis method. When tying the stems, you must pay attention so that the twine does not overtighten the stem. Otherwise, the plant may die.

Timely harvest of Grandma's secret provokes the formation of new ovaries. This hybrid can form them from 2 to 6 in each sinus. The variety is distinguished by its quick return of fruits and very early ripening. This advantage is used by gardeners in those regions where the summer is short.

Grandma's secret is in great demand, which is why cases of sale of fake seeds of this variety have become more frequent. If you plan to grow a high quality crop with the expected characteristics, then you should purchase planting material in brand stores with a good reputation.

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