Description of the tomato variety Heart Kiss, cultivation features and yield

Description of the tomato variety Heart Kiss, cultivation features and yield

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Tomato Heart Kiss appeared on the horticultural market recently and immediately gained popularity among fans of unusual tomatoes. The plant is intended for growing in open space and in film structures. In the first case, the shoots do not differ in high height and the bushes reach a growth of no more than 0.7 cm.When grown in a shelter, the plant can reach a height of up to 1.2 meters and in this case requires tying.

The description of the variety assigns it to a species with an average fruit ripening period. The first crop is harvested on average 3 months after the first shoots appear. Vegetables look great in salads and give them an unusual sweetish taste; they can be used in recipes for preparing blanks for the winter period.

A sprawling plant with a small amount of green mass is suitable for growing in difficult Siberian conditions and shows good yields in regions with a difficult climate and risky farming. The advantage of tomato is considered to be good resistance to various types of tomato diseases.

Description of fruits

Outwardly, tomatoes look neat and have a characteristic heart-shaped shape, for which the plant received an unusual name. Fruit characteristics:

  • smooth surface;
  • bright saturated color;
  • dense shiny skin, not prone to cracking during ripening and heat treatment.

The average weight of one tomato in a greenhouse reaches 300 grams, and one bush of a plant is capable of giving up to 3.5 kg of yield. When grown outdoors, the fruits are smaller, outwardly reminiscent of even large cherry tomatoes. Leading experts rated the taste of the variety at 4.8 points, and gardeners' reviews confirm this opinion. The bush with tomatoes in the form of hearts is recognized as one of the sweet varieties of tomatoes in the history of world selection. This feature is due to the increased sugar content in vegetables.

The formed inflorescences have a simple shape, and the brushes contain several vegetables at the same time, outwardly resembling a bunch. A large number of tomatoes on a branch is considered a distinctive quality of the variety.

Growing issues

The plant is grown in seedlings. Planting time will be determined depending on the planned harvest time and climatic conditions of the area. Sowing is carried out in small containers in pre-prepared soil. Before planting, it is recommended to treat the soil with potassium permanganate or a special preparation that prevents the appearance of fungal diseases of plants.

Cultivation is carried out at a room temperature of 23-25 ​​C °. Saplings respond well to moderate watering, the addition of additives in the form of mineral fertilizers. If there is a lack of sunlight, it is recommended to provide the shoots with additional lighting to prevent them from stretching and thinning.

A few days before planting in a permanent place, it is necessary to carry out a hardening procedure for the seedlings, which will increase their immunity and survival rate.

The recommended time for planting seedlings in a permanent place is 55 days of age of the shoots. Usually, the transplant is performed in May or June, depending on the time of sowing the planting material and the climate of the area. The plant loves fertile soil from the following components:

  • peat;
  • sand;
  • humus;
  • organic;
  • mineral fertilizers.

Shoots are formed into one main stem, tying is carried out and periodically pinching is carried out. Removing excess green mass contributes to better nutrition of the bushes and increases yields.

With late planting and low ambient temperatures, not all plant fruits have time to fully ripen. In this case, the tomatoes are harvested and kept in a dark room until the final reddening.

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