Description of tomato Slot and characteristics of the variety

Description of tomato Slot and characteristics of the variety

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The medium late tomato "Slot" is a hybrid, bred in 1999. It is famous for its versatility and undemandingness.

What is the variety

A lot of useful information about the species gives a detailed description. It helps to correctly position tomatoes on the site and take care of them.


  • Bush: determinant, standard.
  • Height: 1-1.5 m.
  • Ripening period: 110-120 days.


  • Shape: round.
  • Color: red.
  • Weight: 50–70 gr.
  • Density: high.
  • Number of cameras: 2-3 pcs.
  • Skin: Thin but firm.
  • Transportability: excellent.
  • Shelf life: long time.

Planting and caring for the plant

They are grown only by seedling method. The seeds are planted in containers in March. You can add some wood ash to the potting mix. It contains potassium and phosphorus, which is necessary for young growing tomatoes.

Then, after the appearance of 2 full-fledged leaves, they are dived. It is important to carry out timely feeding of plants. This is done in order to give more strength to the young plant.

After landing in the ground, it is formed into 1–2 trunks. All extra stepsons are cut off. The growth point does not need to be removed. The plant adjusts its height on its own. At 1m2 have up to 4 bushes.

The plant needs a garter due to the large number of fruits on them. To avoid breaking off branches, it is better to fix it on the supports in time.

Harvest volume and application

With proper care, tomatoes "Slot" f1 give good yields. From one plant, you can collect from 5 to 7 kg of tomato. The description shows that 1m2 gives from 20 to 28 kg of fruit.

The area of ​​application is varied, it is excellently used for pickling and salting. In addition, it is suitable for preparing fresh salads. Juices and tomato paste are just as good as other tomato varieties.

Positive and negative sides

The presence of a large number of negative characteristics discourage the desire to acquire seeds for their site. But Slot tomatoes have practically no drawbacks.


  1. Resistant to the vagaries of nature (in particular to heat).
  2. Very harvestable.
  3. The taste is great.
  4. It tolerates a lack of moisture well.


  1. Seeds collected from fruits are not suitable for independent reproduction.
  2. During the growing stage, tomatoes are capricious in terms of feeding.

Disease susceptibility

The description of the variety confirms the plant's resistance to some common diseases. For instance:

  • Tobacco mosaic.
  • Macrosporiasis.
  • Black bacterial spot.

Most often, the plant suffers from brown spot and powdery mildew. Timely treatment with drugs will help to avoid a reduction in the volume of the crop and the death of the plant itself.

Insect pests:

  • Colorado beetle.
  • Medvedka.
  • Rusty mite.

To combat them, it is effective to use treatment with special preparations that are sold in agricultural stores.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the "Slot" variety

More complete information about tomatoes is contained in the reviews. In them, summer residents share their experience and give advice to beginners. And also express their own opinion.

  • Arseny. Tomatoes have been planted for years. Especially not very much looked after. I like the taste of fresh fruits very much.
  • Angelina. Every year he grows 5-6 tomato bushes on the plot. Almost everyone is eaten. Leftovers are recycled.
  • Marina. I didn't like the tomatoes. When fresh, the taste is very sour. When pickling, the skin burst, disrupting the structure of the fruit.
  • Christina. Grows tomatoes for 5 years. He is among the first for her among the obligatory landing. I like it pickled and fresh. The characteristics are fine. I just don't like the fact that you have to buy seeds every year.
  • Valentine. I like the high yield of the plant. And 100% seed germination.

The unpretentious Slot tomato variety has earned a good reputation among experienced summer residents. Many recommend it to others, as their characteristics are only positive. And caring for him is no different from others.

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