How to get rid of white midges in a greenhouse

How to get rid of white midges in a greenhouse

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White midges appeared in the greenhouse. How can you get rid of them in the most humane way? What harm do they cause to greenhouse plants?

White midges, which often swarm in greenhouses, are called greenhouse, or greenhouse, whiteflies. Dangerous pests can cause irreparable harm to greenhouse plants such as tomatoes and peppers.

Scale of Wrecking

The main number of female whiteflies populate the lower part of the leaves of plants cultivated in the greenhouse. This plant parasite is very fertile and capable of laying more than a hundred eggs per month. In addition, whitefly does the following harm to greenhouse crops:

  • on the upper part of the leaves as a result of the life of the parasite, a transparent coating forms, which eventually turns black;
  • pest excretion is fertile ground for the appearance of sooty mushrooms, which cover the fruits and negatively affect their appearance;
  • larvae at the developmental stage use plant juices for nutrition, which causes significant harm to young shoots and foliage;
  • quite often whiteflies become carriers of infections and diseases that are dangerous for plants cultivated in a greenhouse.

However, the main danger of the insect pest is represented by the absence of the harmful effects of most chemicals on the larval stage of this plant parasite. This feature is due to the presence of a very strong protective cocoon on the larvae.

How to get rid of whiteflies in the most humane way

Destroying a whitefly is quite difficult. The use of standard control methods to rid greenhouse plants of this pest is not always justified and effective.

Among the tested and most humane methods include the following:

  • the pest does not tolerate temperature changes and, when the affected plants are transferred to a room with a temperature of up to +10 degrees, it bends very quickly;
  • the simplest solution for spraying is an infusion of onion or garlic water. It is necessary to chop a couple of tablespoons of garlic or onion and, pouring it with a glass of boiling water, insist for twelve hours. A filtered solution is applied to the affected aerial parts of plants;
  • For whiteflies, yellow is a very attractive color. The plywood sheets painted with yellow paint should be covered with any sticky ingredient and placed inside the greenhouse;
  • The use of standard adhesive tapes for flies, which become a trap for whiteflies, gives a good result.

Whitefly: plant pest

However, the most effective and effective way to combat this plant parasite is to water the plants with the addition of chemicals such as "Aktara", "Tanrek", "Actellik" or "Oberon". Entered through the root system into leaves and shoots, these toxic substances make the plant toxic to whiteflies and contribute to the rapid disposal of crops from the pest.