Requirements and design of a pigsty for 50 heads, stages of construction with your own hands

Requirements and design of a pigsty for 50 heads, stages of construction with your own hands

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The construction of a do-it-yourself pigsty for 50 heads has a number of features. To be successful, it is worth preparing everything you need in advance. At the same time, it is recommended to ensure that the building is always warm and dry. To get a high-quality building, you need to draw up a diagram or drawing. The correct arrangement of the premises is of no small importance.

Primary requirements

Accommodation for animals must meet a number of requirements. Thanks to this, it is possible to facilitate the care of pets and increase their productivity. Dryness and warmth are considered key requirements for a pigsty. Pigs are thermophilic animals that are highly susceptible to drafts and low temperatures.

Contrary to popular belief, pigs are considered clean animals. Many of their representatives distinguish between recreation areas and a toilet. Therefore, it is recommended to constantly keep the pigsty clean. This helps to avoid the development of common pathologies in animals.

Drawings and diagrams

Before starting the construction of a pigsty, it is recommended to draw up a diagram or drawing. In this case, it is worth determining the size of the room. A minimum of 2.5 square meters is required for 1 animal. This means that a pigsty of at least 200 square meters is required to keep 50 animals. In this case, an area of ​​300 square meters is considered an ideal option. It should include paddocks and outbuildings.

Required tools and materials

For the construction of a pigsty, it is permissible to use different materials. They should be chosen based on financial capabilities. There are various types of buildings - they differ in shape and design features. To determine the amount of materials, it is recommended to calculate the size and height of the building. This also affects the choice of material types. Building a building usually requires the following:

  • cement and sand should be used for the floor or foundation;
  • the inside of the walls is trimmed with wood;
  • to create partitions, boards or lattices will be required;
  • the roof can be made of slate or shingles.

When constructing a pigsty, it is not recommended to use concrete, as it conducts heat and provokes freezing of animals.

To erect a structure, you should use the following:

  • construction tools - shovels, hammers, nails, ax, hacksaw;
  • boards;
  • bricks;
  • cement;
  • insulation - foam or plastic can play its role;
  • crushed stone;
  • sand;
  • waterproofing film;
  • slate.

Stages of construction of a pigsty for 50 heads

For the construction to be successful, a well-designed project will be required. It is permissible to make it yourself or use a ready-made template. After drawing up the plan, you can start building. It includes a number of stages.

First of all, it is recommended to lay the foundation. It is considered the basis of the entire building, since it is a support. It is permissible to lay the foundation from concrete or stone. It is also allowed to use other materials of similar density.

Initially, it is recommended to make a recess in the ground. Its size should be approximately 70 centimeters. After that, it is worth building a foundation (about 60 centimeters high). A blind area is made along this structure. It is permissible to make it from concrete, clay or asphalt. Thanks to this, moisture will not get inside. To prevent dampness, the basement should be made at an angle, and the foundation should be covered with insulation.

The walls of the pigsty are recommended to be made of warm materials that are insulated from moisture. This will help avoid dampness and keep you warm. These materials include brick, wood, quarrystone. It is recommended to insulate the outside of the building, and from the inside to cover it with panels, cover it with plaster and whitewash it. The height and thickness of the walls are selected taking into account the climate of the region. In any case, a brick wall should be at least 51-64 centimeters thick, and a wooden one 18-25 centimeters thick. The minimum height should be 2.5 meters.

The creation of the roof is of no small importance. If there are cold winters in the area, it needs to be insulated. Usually, cinder blocks are used for this purpose. It is recommended to whitewash all surfaces and then insulate them. For this, hay and sawdust are used. The roof should be covered with slate and tiles. It is recommended to make it gable.

It is also worth paying attention to the arrangement of the floor. With the correct design of this part of the room, cleaning it will not be difficult. If you make mistakes, there is a risk of problems. It is recommended to make the floor solid. In this case, you should definitely make drains. It is recommended to cover the floor covering with a material that will absorb excess moisture. Sawdust or straw is ideal for this. The initial layer should be 2-6 centimeters. As you drizzle, the level increases.

It is imperative to provide lighting in the room. In addition to ordinary windows, which are required to be made during construction, you will need to use electric lamps. They are required for adequate lighting in winter.

When building a pigsty, it is worthwhile to provide for full ventilation. Animals give off a lot of gases, but they hardly tolerate spoiled air. Therefore, any room requires high-quality ventilation. It is permissible to make it yourself or buy it. When constructing ventilation, it is worth taking into account the localization of doors and windows. In this case, it is recommended to avoid drafts.

Pigsty arrangement

When creating a pig farm, it is permissible to use group pens or do without them. In the center, you should definitely arrange a sufficient passage for the passage of wheelbarrows and the passage of personnel. To facilitate the breeding of animals, it is recommended to equip the room with a water supply. Also, it is worthwhile to provide for a sewage system. This helps to make cleaning the pigs easier. The construction of a pigsty has a number of features. In this case, it is recommended to correctly calculate the size of the room and prepare everything you need. For pigs to thrive, the room must be dry and warm.

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