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On the cultivation of peaches in the Penza region

On the cultivation of peaches in the Penza region

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How to grow peaches in the Penza region? What varieties of seedlings do you recommend or how to grow a peach tree from seed?


As far as I know, in the Penza region peaches are not grown in open ground, as this is a very sensitive crop to cold weather. The tree freezes already at - 25C. Even in the southern part of central Russia in winter, a wooden house with an outlet is a tree shelter. It is closed when the temperature drops - 18C. When frosts intensify, the panel house is additionally covered with additional shelter. But, even with such measures, it is not always possible to grow a peach tree in your area. Therefore, basically this vulnerable plant is grown in nurseries or greenhouses. The most successful early grades: Donetsk white, Greensboro, Kiev early, Asmik.