FloorPlan 3D 12 Deluxe version for landscape design

FloorPlan 3D 12 Deluxe version for landscape design

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A new version of one of the most popular programs in Russia for three-dimensional design of houses, apartments and landscapes has been released. The number of users of previous versions has already reached more than 200 thousand people. The FloorPlan 3D program is a reliable and simple tool that will help everyone in the redevelopment and design of their own apartment or house. With its help, you can simulate a personal plot or subject the office to reconstruction. The presence of convenient and diverse tools and high-quality graphics provide great opportunities for creating interactive 3D projects.

The program FloorPlan 3D can be easily used by highly professional designers and architects in their work, as well as novice users who would like to modify their own living space or to improve the territory adjacent to the house.

Using the program, you can make all movements in the designed territory using three-dimensional graphics. You can examine in detail and from all sides the interior of the apartment, the layout of the house or the landscape of the site from any point and at any angle.

There is another unique quality of FloorPlan 3D. The program makes it possible even during design to select all the necessary materials for the decoration of windows, ceilings, walls, stairs, doors, etc. The resulting images are incredibly realistic. In this case, you can compare color combinations of textures of various materials and choose the most harmonious colors of various interior elements. It will also not be difficult to calculate furniture sizes as accurately as possible, choose color combinations for rooms and place decorative elements in the designed room.

  • design of rooms that can be located at different levels
  • design of cottages, including the house itself, landscape, foundation of concrete slabs, marking the site for construction
  • landscape design
  • the program automatically calculates all areas and determines the required sizes
  • object libraries (walls, doors, windows, electrical appliances, furniture, decorations and various accessories) are constantly updated, and the program allows you to edit and add them
  • you can automatically create any stairs, even spiral
  • There are many different elements for decorating a personal plot and a country house (balconies, attics, terraces, walkways and driveways, fences, fences and gates)
  • a large selection of specific design elements (various ledges, sloping roofs, custom windows, ceilings at several levels)
  • the program has a large selection of different materials, textures and a variety of color shades
  • in addition to design capabilities, there is also the possibility of preparing estimates or statements for the procurement of materials and, if necessary, exporting a file in Microsoft Excel format
  • graphic and video files can be exported to VRML (virtual reality) format, as well as to BMP and MOV formats for viewing visualization files in external applications
  • it is possible to import graphic objects from 3D Studio
  • create videos for viewing in QuickTime
  • moving around the entire projected room or area in 3D mode and the ability to insert and place objects
  • it is possible to add various special effects to the image (for example, fog, rain, snow, etc.) and create photorealistic images on this basis using LightWorks technology
  • the ability to flexibly configure the formats of units, coordinate grid, position of the sun, etc.
  • a large number of different image filters
  • user-friendly help system, there are interactive lessons and tips
  • large library of typical examples of the layout of houses and apartments
  • there is also a library of additional objects, consisting of 390 items in 3DS format

Video - how to build walls in FloorPlan 3D v.12

  • Ability to design broken walls
  • Ability to create doors and windows of your own design
  • Painting walls in a 2D view
  • Ability to edit templates
  • 3D image can be previewed
  • Placement and adjustment of light sources in the space of the room
  • Ability to create twisty tracks
  • The possibilities of creating photorealistic images are greatly expanded.
  • The program is supported in new operating systems
  • Electric and gas boilers added to the database
  • New standard designs added
  • There is a user manual in pdf format on the distribution disk

For comfortable work with the program, the operating system requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor 1.8 GHz or similar manufactured by AMD, a recommended screen resolution of 1280x1024, 2 GB of RAM, at least 300 MB of free hard disk space, availability Internet Explorer 9