Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Scarlet candles

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Scarlet candles

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In 2007, a new tomato variety was introduced in Russia. It was the Scarlet Candles tomato with an unusual oblong shape. This variety will delight any gardener, because he has 100% fruit set. The tomatoes themselves are so versatile that they are suitable for fresh food, for snacks, and canning them, hostesses will experience pleasure, because tomatoes are conveniently placed in jars and combined with other vegetables. This assortment looks very nice and impressive. To find out everything about the Scarlet Candles tomatoes, we offer a description of the variety.


  • mid-season;
  • elongated fruits with a pointed end;
  • tall, indeterminate;
  • fruitful;
  • deep pink fruits;

This variety gives a high yield and fruit set. It is resistant to diseases such as late blight, root rot, but gardeners should treat the plants for prevention. The bush grows more than one and a half meters, so it needs a support, which is better to take care of in advance. The description of the "Scarlet candles" tomato contains only positive characteristics, since the only drawback is that this variety requires formation. What are the features of growing these tomatoes?

Growing features

Scarlet candles tomatoes are recommended for greenhouses, but for regions with a warm climate, planting in open ground is possible, although in this case there is a possibility of a decrease in yield. Seeds must be sown 60 days before planting. To grow good seedlings, it is better to prepare a special soil, which will include humus and turf soil. It will not be superfluous to add fertilizers such as superphosphate or potash. After sowing, cover with foil.

It should be noted that only warm water is suitable for irrigation.

The variety of tomatoes is light-loving, therefore, after the emergence of shoots, you need to expose them to the light and open them. It is better to apply a complex mineral fertilizer before planting in the ground. These tomatoes are planted with no more than four bushes per square meter. Stepsons grow parallel to the stem. The bush is tall, it is formed into 2 or 3 stems. It is better to remove lateral shoots in a timely manner.

The bush can be forcibly stopped at the point of growth.

Pest control

Several methods can be used to control pests. One of them is weeding the soil and mulching it with straw. It is better to collect any beetles and slugs by hand, without the use of drugs. In general, after flowering, it is recommended to use only non-toxic agents or an aqueous solution of ammonia.

Tomatoes "Scarlet candles" are very unpretentious in care and are rich in sugar and nutrients, which is why they are recommended for dietary and baby food. We have collected for you reviews from gardeners about these wonderful tomatoes.

“Last year I planted this tomato variety for the first time. I was a little late with pinching, but this did not affect the yield. Fruiting until late autumn. I was pleased with both the form and taste. Elastic and fleshy. Next year I will definitely plant "(Arina, Krasnodar Territory)

“I have wanted such tomatoes for conservation for a long time. I used to use the variety "Ladies Fingers", but it has already become boring, "Scarlet candles" have become an excellent substitute for them. PI laid siege to a lot, did not expect that there will be such a good harvest! The tomatoes are delicious! " (Sofia, Ural)

“Last year I planted candles in the greenhouse. They require garters and feeding. We started well, quickly began to gain strength and grow. Since I didn’t go into the greenhouse often, I had to tinker with them, but we did a lot of spins this year ”(Vladimir, Minsk)

“This year I discovered the variety“ Scarlet candles ”. I planted only two bushes and at first thought it was in vain. For a long time they were frail and did not grow well, but in July they gained strength and bloomed. It's October now, and we still have delicious fresh tomatoes on the table. Everything has already been removed in the greenhouse, they alone are handsome and delight with the harvest. The fruits are fleshy, sweet and large enough. What was especially surprising was that he was the only one (variety) who did not fall ill with late blight. I will plant more! " (Natalia, Vladimir region)

“I have been growing this variety for several years now solely for the sake of form. They fit into any cans, and I am madly in love with preservation. I combine it with cucumbers and bell peppers, sometimes I make sliced ​​vegetables "(Larisa, Smolensk)

“I have been dealing with tomatoes for many years now, in my greenhouse there are more than 20 varieties, including the“ Scarlet candles ”. I love them very much for their shape and unpretentiousness. Never get sick. It is convenient to harvest because the fruits are formed by tassels. Always bears fruit until late autumn. I recommend everyone to try to grow this tomato "(Lyudmila, Voronezh)

Small summary

This variety of tomatoes has come to the taste of many amateur gardeners due to its yield and pleasant refined taste, as well as the stable transfer of various diseases. All these features make this variety a truly wonderful gift for every hobby gardener.

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