3D Home Architect design suite: do-it-yourself landscape design project

3D Home Architect design suite: do-it-yourself landscape design project

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3D Home Architect design suite is designed to create landscape design. Applying materials and objects from the library, and changing their dimensions, you can execute the site plan, and then evaluate how it will look in 2D-form. The finished project is viewed in color, 3D-view, in perspective, from different angles. A large selection of elements and materials makes the program a good helper for designing a garden, a house adjoining territory and individual parts of a site.

Program features

3D Architect can make creating a site and building plan an easy task. If you do something wrong when placing objects - put the sofa on a table, plant on plant - the program will warn about an error.

In addition to an impressive choice of vegetation, there are many tools for creating design inside the house - different colors of wallpaper, upholstery. Presented and a video on how to create a project, and examples of layouts of houses. The program also has a table for creating cost estimates and options for ready-made layouts of rooms and outbuildings.

3D Home Architect design suite allows you not to waste time on drawing drawings on paper. Special skills for working with it are not required. It is enough to go into it, add the required objects to the project as communications and decorative elements, and get a finished electronic drawing.

Plant Care Feature

Many programs have a Plant Care feature. There is one in Home Architect Design. Among other things, it presents various libraries from which you can get information about a particular plant.

To find out information about a tree, shrub or flower is very simple - just double-click on it. After that, a window opens with the characteristics of the plant and with its enlarged appearance.

How to work with the program

Working with the program is simple: it already has a set of objects that you can use or edit as you wish. The program is launched by clicking on the shortcut. At the top of the window that opens, there are tabs and shortcuts that allow you to change the operating mode.

In the right corner is a library with elements. First, the category is selected, and then the element itself. At the top of the window is a toolbar that allows you to select an object and add it to the project.

At the bottom of the main window are the control panels and tools. The toolbar includes camera buttons and zooms. Using the control panel, you can view the plan in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form.

In the center of the window is the workspace, presented as a project. When you click the 2D button, the project will be executed in color, but will be flat. A full-sized project can be obtained by pressing the 3D button.

The program allows you to not only arrange shrubs and trees on the ground, but also decorate it with small buildings. To do this, use the button “External fittings”, which is located at the top of the window. Then it remains to go into the category of “External accessories on the ground” and select the desired component. Putting it in the project is simple: just hover over it. After the necessary position of the object is found, it must be fixed by clicking the mouse.

The program is suitable for both beginners and pros. Designing drawings with it is convenient, and the library contains many finished objects, in the form of trees, shrubs, benches, small architectural forms and other things.

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