Sakhalin tomato characteristics and variety description

Sakhalin tomato characteristics and variety description

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The early Sakhalin tomato captivates summer residents with its taste and yield, being both an unpretentious and versatile species.

What is the variety

A detailed description of tomatoes will help a novice gardener to properly grow a plant and get the maximum yield from it.


  • Bush: indeterminate (Aelita claims that it is determinant).
  • Height: 40-50 cm.
  • Inflorescence: complex.
  • Number of tomatoes in a brush: 4 to 7 pcs.
  • Ripening period: 95-105 days from the moment of emergence.


  • Mass: 80-100 gr.
  • Shape: round.
  • Color: red.
  • Density: high.
  • Taste: sweet, very juicy.
  • Transportability: excellent.
  • Shelf life: up to 2 months.

Care and landing

When planting tomatoes on their plots, summer residents choose a specific place. It should be sunny and, if possible, hidden from gusts of wind. It is best if this place last year grew cucumbers, carrots, cabbage or legumes.

Seeds for seedlings are planted in March or early April, 2 months before planting in the ground. It all depends on the individual conditions of the region.

A pick is required. The plant must form a solid base. To do this, they are seated in separate containers.

It is best to prepare the tomato for transplanting in advance by hardening it. This is done so, the plant is taken out into the street, for a while, gradually increasing the period of exposure to the sun.

After the tomatoes are planted in a permanent place, they should be watered, loosened and fertilized. To increase yields, the plant is formed into 1–2 trunks, the extra stepchildren are removed. Bushes are tied up as needed. It is fed 2-3 times per season. Planting density 3-4 plants per 1 m2 according to the scheme 50 by 40 cm.

Disease susceptibility

In general, the plant is resistant to the main diseases of the tomato. The causative agents of verticillium, fusarium wilting and tobacco mosaic are not afraid of him.

Positive and negative aspects of the view

The characteristics of tomatoes that reveal the characteristics of the variety help those who find it difficult to make a choice.


  1. Disease resistance.
  2. Unpretentiousness.
  3. No garter required.
  4. Productivity.
  5. The fruits do not crack.
  6. Suitable for long-term transportation.
  7. The fruits of the variety have an excellent presentation, even after 1–1.5 months of storage.

The cons are unstable and insignificant.

Harvest volume and application

Fruiting until late autumn. As a result, the yield is high. Up to 3 kg of fruit can be harvested from one plant.

The area of ​​application of tomatoes is extensive. Suitable for:

  • Whole canning.
  • Preparing fresh salads.
  • Cooking, juices, sauces and tomato paste.

Opinions of summer residents regarding Sakhalin tomatoes

Those who planted Sakhalin tomatoes on their plots leave reviews. They reveal all the necessary information about care, methods of growing, feeding.

  • Tasha, Moscow. I acquired a variety of tomatoes by accident. But having planted it once, I fell in love with him. I did not process the seeds, I planted it like that, just watering them with water on top. The germination rate is one hundred percent. He writes the following: - “I grow in a greenhouse and a greenhouse. The variety impressed with its characteristics and taste. We will definitely repeat the experience next year. "
  • Hope. I bought tomatoes for testing, planted the first year. She formed a plant into 1 trunk. After the formation of 5 brushes, the growth point was removed. Great tomatoes have grown. Everyone liked it. I tried to preserve it for the winter. If you like it, you will definitely plant it next year.
  • Alexandra, Sakhalin region. The experience was unsuccessful, the tomatoes were not impressed. Or insufficient care or improper primer. Plants were not formed or fed. Perhaps they will try to plant tomatoes next year, in a different place and with proper care.
  • Vladimir. I bought a package of tomato seeds as a gift to my wife. I didn’t regret it even once. The whole family loved tomatoes. Eaten fresh in salads. We rolled up the banks for the winter. Perfect for making juices.

The unpretentious Sakhalin tomato is perfect for growing both in greenhouses and in the open field. The tomato's high resistance to pathogens makes it irreplaceable.

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