Description of the apple variety Chosen and origin, advantages and disadvantages

Description of the apple variety Chosen and origin, advantages and disadvantages

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An apple is not only a tasty and healthy fruit, but also a storehouse of useful elements. Vitamin C, iron, useful organic compounds - all this is present in them in huge quantities. That is why the apple tree is one of the most common fruit trees. Many varieties allow you to get delicious fruits in different regions. Today we will talk about the Chosen apple, one of the best creations of the Russian selection.


The Chosen variety was obtained in 1951. The domestic gardening, which was recovering after the war, needed frost-resistant fruit varieties. Belfier Kitayka and Antonovka became the progenitors of the Chosen One.

A group of Soviet breeders working on the basis of Moscow State University, consisting of G.I. Limberg, V.V. Vartanetyan and S.I. Isaeva, received a variety that is still popular today due to its yield and excellent taste characteristics of the fruit.

Description of the variety

The chosen one belongs to varieties of autumn ripening, large apples - from 150 to 300 grams. The main, yellow-green, color of the fruits is complemented by a red flow, and the resulting three-color color makes them bright and very noticeable against the background of green foliage.

Juicy, sweet and sour taste, fruits, with a slightly grainy pulp of a creamy sheen, retain their taste in all types of processing (drying, cooking). The apples are round, slightly ribbed, with a smooth skin.

The tree reaches 6-7 meters and belongs to medium-sized, with a rounded and rather sparse crown. Slowly grows in height, but gives numerous lateral shoots. Therefore, the apple tree of this variety needs systematic pruning.

The chosen one gives stable good yields, from one apple tree you can get up to 85 kilograms of apples. According to the description and opinion of gardeners, the fruits do not shrink with high yields. Young apple trees begin to bear fruit actively at the 6th year of growth.


You can grow the Chosen One on a dwarf rootstock or an apple tree trunk.


Apple trees on a dwarf rootstock appeared relatively recently, but they have already acquired many supporters. Such trees have many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

  1. The "dwarf" usually begins to bear fruit at the age of 3 years, an adult apple tree Chosen One will bring a full harvest in 6-7 years.
  2. There are as many fruits on a dwarf tree as on a large one.
  3. A dwarf apple tree is from 1.5 to 3 meters in height, which means that all work is much easier to perform.
  4. For a seedling, you need up to 1.5 meters - trees in the garden are planted more often.

The disadvantages of undersized trees include:

  1. They need additional support; the tree does not support the weight of the fruit, fragile branches break.
  2. They are more attractive to pests, you have to regularly handle the plantings.
  3. A dwarf apple tree lives less than a large varietal tree.
  4. The root system of dwarf trees is located close to the surface - for the winter you will have to additionally cover the roots with sawdust, a covering material.

It is better to purchase dwarf trees in specialized nurseries, their price, compared to ordinary seedlings, is higher, and a not too experienced gardener can easily confuse young apple trees.


Grafting on standard crops makes it possible to harvest early and improves the decorative properties of the apple tree - it becomes a decoration of the summer cottage. In this case, the fruits ripen by mid-August and are even larger in size - up to 330 grams. They get sick less and are affected by pests.

The dummy tree is up to 3 meters high, so planting care is simplified - pruning, harvesting can be done without a high ladder. Standard trees of the Chosen One are widespread in the Urals and Siberia. A stem is a straight tree trunk from which branches are completely cut off, then the crown is formed in the desired form, and the selected apple variety is grafted onto it. As a trunk, more resistant species are usually used (for example, rose hips for a rose).

Mauntzen and Gibernal are used as stem formers for apple trees.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Chosen variety are the palatability of the fruit, the ability to tolerate even severe frosty winters, average resistance to scab disease and high yield.

Disadvantage: short shelf life of ripe apples (30-40 days). That is why the fruits of the Chosen One are often processed.

Features of ripening and fruiting

The apple tree begins to bear fruit 6-7 years after planting. The first harvest is small, but then the number of apples increases with each season.

To prevent the tree from losing its fertility, the side branches should be regularly cut to form the crown and rejuvenate the apple tree. The apples are harvested at the end of August or in the first days of September. After 30 days of storage, apples quickly lose their presentation.

Diseases and pests

The chosen one is resistant to scab damage, all other diseases typical of fruit trees can also affect an apple tree of this variety. In order to prevent infection with powdery mildew, fruit rot, you need to regularly cut the tree, dig in, whitewash the trunk and remove fallen leaves. Spray with fungicides - according to the manufacturer's instructions, depending on the type of preparation, to protect against flower beetle, moth and leafworm.

Distribution regions

This variety was bred for the Lower Volga region, but since the winters have become milder, The chosen one took root in the gardens of the Central region, since 1999 she has been zoned for the Ural and Siberian regions. Therefore, today it grows everywhere in Russia and gives excellent yields.

There is no Russian garden without apple trees. By planting different varieties of fruit trees, the gardener will provide his family with apples from mid-summer to late autumn.

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