Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Countryman, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Countryman, its yield

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Tomato Compatriot belongs to varieties of Siberian origin. It is frost-resistant, strong, and immune to many diseases. They can even be grown outdoors. The fruits ripen quite early, already in the middle of summer they delight gardeners. Tomatoes are incredibly tasty and juicy.

A description of the Countryman tomatoes can be read on the package. They will bring an excellent harvest if you study the detailed characteristics about them and know the rules of care.

Description of the vegetable crop

The characteristic and description of the tomato variety Countryman allows you to accurately study how to properly care for it so that many tasty fruits grow. This species belongs to varieties from Siberia. Many people prefer just such fruits for their rich harvest, unpretentiousness, immunity to diseases.

Ripening of vegetables occurs three months after germination. The bush is not very tall, about 60-70 centimeters. Accordingly, he does not need to be tied up. The foliage does not grow densely, the inflorescences are simple.

Fruits are oval, plum-like, smooth. They have a stalk. Fruit color is red, different shades. They have a small weight of 50-70 grams, but a sufficient number of them ripen on one brush. Taste sweet and sour, tomato, delicate aroma. They can be cut into a salad, salted, pickled, and juiced. The pulp is fleshy, juicy. The skin is firm.

The compatriot tomatoes are grown in seedlings. They grow best in greenhouses where special conditions are created for them. They love good soils, only then they give a wonderful harvest of fruits.

How to grow properly

In warm areas, this variety can be sown directly into the soil without covering with film. But in latitudes with a temperate climate, it is best to germinate seedlings at home in advance from the beginning of spring.

The seeds of this variety are soaked in a special solution for quick germination and against fungus. Treat the soil with potassium permanganate or a fungus spore remedy. Then they are planted, keeping a distance. Usually containers with them are placed on the windowsill. Until the sprouts germinate, they are covered with foil.

It is always necessary to provide sufficient light. It is possible not to use artificial light, but always keep plants near the window. Always water as the ground is dry.

When the shoots form three leaves, then they can be planted in separate pots, so that there they grow further, gain vitamins and grow. The land in the garden is prepared in early spring. It should be dug up, loosened, watered. It should have enough fertilizer, sand, peat and humus. From fertilizers, compatriot hybrids prefer potassium, magnesium, fluorine, ammonium nitrate.

Planting tomatoes A countryman stands in a greenhouse only for matured seedlings with a dense stem. They do this together with the land in which it grew. It is very important to change the place for the tomatoes every year. In the same greenhouse, they will produce poor crops. Usually planted two and a half months after seed germination. Seedlings need to be hardened, kept near the open window several times a day. Because the nights are still cold in spring, and she should already be ready to move from a warm house to the street, where temperature fluctuations take place.

When planting tomatoes, you need to keep a distance between the bushes so that they do not interfere with each other with their roots, and it is convenient to approach them. After a successful ovary, stop feeding, frequent watering, and wait for the ripening of the fruits. Good yield of tomato Countryman directly depends on quality and proper care. Caring for a variety is not very difficult, but there are several important nuances.

All about leaving

How to care for a garden-vegetable garden, so it will bloom, and bring delicious healthy food. This proverb should be remembered by all summer residents, and do not forget to take care of planting.

The compatriot does not need special care for a tomato; even an inexperienced summer resident can grow them. But it is important to remember that there are certain rules in caring for all tomatoes that cannot be violated.

  1. Tomatoes of this family love high-quality watering at the root. This should be done several times a week, preferably not with ice water, which has settled for some time in a barrel.
  2. Do not let the earth turn to stone, loosen it, huddle it up, mulch it.
  3. Remove weeds that interfere with the supply of vitamins to crops and nutrition.
  4. Several times over the summer, you need to feed the compatriot's tomatoes with mineral and organic fertilizers.
  5. Spraying with special solutions for insects and diseases.
  6. Sometimes open the windows and doors of the greenhouse to ventilate the tomatoes.
  7. If planted in open ground, then at night you need to cover this variety with a film from dew and cold.

If you fulfill all these requirements, show simple care, then soon these tomatoes will delight the family with delicious small fruits.

Reviews of gardeners

Reviews and photos of those who planted the Countryman tomatoes can be obtained on sites on the Internet. Gardeners love to share with each other, sometimes they ask for useful advice. This variety is trusted and admired by many gardeners. Tomatoes Countryman is a variety that everyone is happy with.

Tatiana, 53 years old: I have been growing tomatoes Countryman for three years. There is always a bountiful harvest, although the climate is varied, then drought, then winds with rains. He doesn't care. Courting is standard. The tomatoes are delicious. For the winter, marinade and cook adjika from fruits. A neighbor also raises him, and is professionally engaged in the preparation of tomato juice. The variety is unpretentious. The harvest is gorgeous.

Andrey, 47 years old: I really like this culture of the Zemlyak variety because of its good fruiting. The whole family ate fresh tomatoes, and there was enough for conservation. The harvest turned out to be rich. Pickled fruits are also very tasty. This variety is not harmful, does not require any fancy action.

Novice gardeners, or those who rarely appear on the plots, should stop at the Countryman tomatoes. They are unpretentious, bring many delicious juicy fruits. Happy landings!

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