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How to knock and dry seeds

How to knock and dry seeds

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Hello. This year I have a lot of sunflowers. Tell me how to beat and dry the seeds? Thank you all for your help.


My grandfather dries the cut heads in the sun and then picks

How I love sunflowers !!!!! Send by mail, pay off)))

You cut the raw head with the seeds, turn the seeds over to the bottom and knock out the seeds with a stick. Sushish and bump them all winter

We cut off the yellow heads and on the same day we sit and select manually (less garbage and empty turns out) Then, in the sun to dry the sheet. That's just sitting with their daughters, choosing ... and this is only a third of sunflowers (:

as the name of your sunflowers

I don’t know the names (my mother bought from my grandmothers in the market) And I don’t like striped ones 🙁 - their grain dries out a lot

and I look striped beautiful, but not good turned out (

we have the striped most huge heads, and a lot of seeds and tasty ~ juicy ~ big ones have not dried yet ....

We have 5 sunflowers broken, the seeds there are still gray, the question is: can they be thrown out or can the seeds “reach” somehow? I never did this

the seeds will not reach. If they are full, then try to dry but you will need to ted them more often