Description of the ultra-early ripening tomato variety Filippok and features of care

Description of the ultra-early ripening tomato variety Filippok and features of care

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A new variety of Siberian selection - the Filippok tomato, created for growing in unprotected soil in a short summer period. Filippok grows equally well both in a garden bed and on a balcony or loggia as a pot culture. The miniature plant has a high yield and an early, friendly return of fruits. The taste qualities of tomatoes also deserve an excellent assessment and fully justify the salad purpose of the variety. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the Filippok tomato and care recommendations.

Description of the variety

All the qualities selected during the selection are aimed at obtaining a high-yielding, early-maturing variety that can withstand the vagaries of the weather and give a guaranteed yield. In this vein, we will consider the characteristics and description of the Filippok tomato variety.

  1. The variety is early maturing with a growing season of 95 days, which is an undoubted advantage. You can save the plant from late blight by harvesting before the first frost.
  2. Another positive characteristic is the determinant type of bush. A small height of 38–40 cm and the ability to self-restrict growth help the plant to quickly form a sufficient number of fruit clusters. Tomatoes fully ripen during the growing season. The plant is compact and does not need to remove stepchildren.
  3. Particularly noteworthy are the fruits of a perfectly round shape, dense, with a smooth, shiny, red skin. The average weight of fruits is 40–55 g, but some tomatoes reach 100 g. Tomatoes contain up to 2.5% sugar, as in salad varieties.

The variety tolerates a short-term drop in temperatures well and can be grown on the site in compacted plantings, as a curb plant and planted in the base of tall tomatoes. In agroclimatic zones with a long period of positive temperatures, the Filippok tomato variety is grown by sowing seeds directly into the ground.

Note! Filippok gives most of the harvest in the first decade of fruiting, and in terms of yield, it is ahead of most dwarf tomatoes.

Care features

Determinant, low-growing tomatoes are quite easy to care for, do not require the removal of stepsons and the formation of a bush. Agricultural rules:

  1. Seeds for seedlings are planted 55-60 days before planting in open ground. By this time, the plant should have 6–7 leaves and at least 1 flower cluster. It is advisable to carry out several hardening procedures, accustoming the plants to low temperatures and direct sunlight.
  2. Seedlings are planted in unprotected soil when the danger of return frosts has passed. In May, seedlings are planted under temporary film shelters, and in early June - on open ridges. Place up to 5 bushes per sq. meter of area with a planting pattern of 30x50 cm. It is advisable to immediately install stakes for garters of brushes, if necessary.
  3. Plants with intensive growth and abundant fruiting are demanding on nutrition. During the growing season 3-4 fertilizing with complex fertilizers is carried out. Also, in the absence of rain, plants are watered twice a week, weeds are weeded and loosened.
  4. Reviews suggest that Filippok can be successfully grown as a potted plant. In this case, pots or boxes with a volume of at least 5-8 liters are selected. An important condition is the quality of the soil, the structure of which must be nutritious, breathable and moisture-absorbing.

The Filippok variety is unpretentious in care, looks beautiful on the site, takes up little space, and most importantly - it gives a guaranteed harvest. Small, sweet tomatoes are perfect for fresh consumption and look great in preforms.

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