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How to process eggplant from a Colorado potato beetle if the fruits are hanging

How to process eggplant from a Colorado potato beetle if the fruits are hanging

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The Colorado potato beetle eats my eggplant, poisoned it three times already. It rained for two days, and now I looked, 20 pcs on a bush, and there already hang eggplants. The third time I sprayed the numbers on July 12th. They are ripening, and I don’t even know what to do, maybe even sprinkle it? Waiting for your advice, is it possible and how to spray?


I fenced eggplant with cut bottles, as advised, not a single bug.

This is how you can tell a photo or in words. thanks

This is when the cormorants were small, it was necessary to cut the bottom and neck of the bottle so that the cylinder turned out, 15-20 cm high, and put on the plant. Eggplant is growing, and the lower part of the barrel is like in a bottle. Colorado cannot crawl through a bottle onto a plant, slippery to it. Mostly they rise from the ground. Zaletnye rarely. I hope I clearly told

I can only take a photo tomorrow. And in words I did so, cut off a 2 - liter plastic. Bottle bottom and top. When planting eggplant, she put a bottle on seedlings. You may try to cut the side and put it on the eggplant.

Yes, it’s clear, but something needs to be invented.

It is strange that after chemistry they continue to eat. I processed the potatoes, the net has been around for 3 weeks

You can try, but there may still be ways

This is already 3 chemistry for a while enough and that's it, but I’m trying to splash it right away, eat them tore off, although in principle they are still small

That's how totak looked with little seedlings

Have you tried Fitoverm? He is also from him, but it seems like a bio drug

I didn’t know, I will do so

No, I didn’t try. I took specials from Colorado

Try, this method was written by a participant Vika, she wrote that beetles move on the ground, and bottles protect against them.

Yes, collect them with your hands

Also, as a deterrent, bite the branches of wormwood, it smells and disarms any biac.

Gardeners, to collect their hands is unrealistic. In the evening you collect, in the morning you come, there are even more of them. With poisons you can not try. Spraying gives nothing. A day, a maximum of two, and they again eat. I say this from my own experience, when I had a cottage in the country. Yes, Lena Sherstneva wrote the only way to save the eggplants. He really acts. I proposed this method in the spring to my neighbor's grandmother. Some of the girls on this site advised this. She used it in a country house in the country. Do not boast. He says there is no bug. After all, they really move on the earth. It’s rare, rarely any, to take off. Now the only salvation is to cut off the bottom and top of two-liter bottles, cut completely on the side and try to stick them in the ground around the eggplant so that only branches stick out from above. And so they will. Now when the potato dries, there will be no blue or tomato salvation from them at all.

I agree with Lena Zelenskaya, today they were digging potatoes, the tops are dry, they have nothing to eat, but they are sitting in the ground. You have to put bottles on eggplant

And I specially planted tobacco between the eggplants. They are afraid of him. True, he pulled out half of the tobacco, began to drown eggplant

I don’t know whether it will help you or not, a neighbor advised me between the rows to sow chernushka. There were bugs and now they are not there when the bow got out. But everything was not so right with me, to be honest. Yes, and I plant the first year

Thank you

And I would have acted on Actara sheet, trying not to fall on the fruits. Penetrates into leaf tissue and has a protective effect for up to 3 weeks.