The technology of growing cucumbers in five-liter bottles

The technology of growing cucumbers in five-liter bottles

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Planting cucumbers in five-liter bottles can significantly save space and make the cultivation process much more efficient.

Application area

Planting in plastic bottles makes it easy to grow cucumbers on the balcony in the apartment. This unusual technology is considered very productive and profitable and at the same time completely uncomplicated. It is relevant for growing cucumbers in greenhouses and open ground.

Five-liter bottles are considered more convenient, but if desired, they can be replaced by 2.5-liter, in which no more than one plant can be planted.

The advantages of the method

One of the main advantages of growing cucumbers in plastic bottles is the absence of the need for annual replacement of greenhouse soil. When cultivating cucumbers in a garden or at home, the following advantages of this method are noted:

  • convenience, lightness, compactness and low cost of plastic containers, as well as its permeability to sunlight;
  • the possibility of growing cucumbers both in the garden and on the balcony;
  • favorable conditions for comfortable growth and development of cucumbers;
  • plant protection from the bear;
  • economical water consumption during irrigation;
  • the almost complete absence of weeds, which is important for the normal growth of cucumbers and the development of the root system, and also reduces the cost of feeding.

Bottled Cucumbers: Growing

Landing technology

When growing cucumbers in a plastic container, you should adhere to the basic rules for preparing seeds and observe the timing of planting.

Soil preparation

Currently, gardeners use soils with different compositions, but all of them must have friability and good air permeability. You can use the already prepared soil sold by garden centers, or make a planting mixture based on the following proportions:

  • 1/4 of garden turf soil;
  • 1/4 of the soil with rotten foliage;
  • 1/4 part of peat;
  • 1/4 drainage mixture.

Egg shell drainage with a small amount of birch ash gives a good result.

Preparation of landing tanks

There are several ways to use plastic bottles, from which you can choose the most suitable.

Method of useFeatures and Technology
The top of the five-liter bottle is cut off by about a third, resulting in a planting pot and a lid for itDrainage holes are made in the bottom and two-thirds of the container is filled with nutrient soil. The soil surface is moistened and planted prepared seeds or seedlings there. No more than 5 plants are placed in each 5 L container
Cutting a five-liter bottle along and removing one of the walls, make a container for seedlingsOpenings are made in the bottom to drain excess water, and then fill the container with soil to half and sow the seeds. The incompletely cut top serves to create a greenhouse effect.
An individual automatic watering system is created from cut into half plastic containersFrom the upper, funnel-shaped part of the bottle, remove the lid and fill the container with nutritious soil. Warm water is poured into the lower half and a funnel-shaped part is placed with its neck down. The number of plants depends on the volume of the container, but does not exceed three

When cucumber seedlings are transferred to garden beds in such containers, the first two weeks the upper part of the container very effectively protects plants from nighttime temperature drops, and also helps to create an additional greenhouse effect.

Care Features

Plastic containers with cucumber seedlings should be located in a well-lit, drafts-free place. For irrigation, you need to use water heated in the sun to room temperature.

Two weeks after planting, the first top dressing is necessary: ​​15-16 g of potassium salt, 5-5.5 g of ammonium nitrate, 30-31 g of superphosphate and about 4.5 g of magnesium sulfate, diluted in 10 l of water. You can also use a slightly concentrated liquid top dressing from mullein or bird droppings.

When growing on a balcony or in a greenhouse, the correct formation of plants is very important, which should begin in the phase of the third leaf; in the future, you need to pinch the stems over the fifth or sixth leaf.

For the prevention of diseases, it is recommended to spray plants with infusions of onions, garlic or tomato tops. With the defeat of cucumbers by pests or diseases, insecticides and fungicides can be used.

How to plant cucumbers

There are many non-standard methods of growing cucumbers and other vegetable crops, but the use of plastic bottles has many advantages that have already been appreciated by gardeners. The described technology, in particular, allows you to most easily and efficiently protect plants from traumatic factors and contributes to increased productivity. In addition, plastic containers facilitate the transport of cucumber seedlings to the infield.