Is it possible to eat sprouted potatoes

Is it possible to eat sprouted potatoes

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Hello. Please tell me, is it possible to eat sprouted potatoes? In the hungry years, people ate and felt good. If such potatoes cannot be eaten, then how can the remaining seeds be used?

Modern research has established that sprouted and greened tubers contain the dangerous substance corned beef, a variety of glycoalkaloids. Solonin destroys red blood cells, negatively affects the human nervous and immune systems.

Most of it is found in the peel and near the eyes. Many before planting potatoes warm it in the sun, which also contributes to the accumulation of corned beef in tubers.

Signs of corned beef poisoning - palpitations, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. With severe poisoning, convulsions and loss of consciousness are possible. In such cases, medical attention is needed.

Therefore, there is no need to eat sprouted potatoes, even in small quantities.

When peeling potatoes in spring, you need to remove a thick layer of peel from it, and dig out the eyes. Sprouted peeled potatoes in small quantities can be fed to pets and poultry.

Small tubers left after sowing, eyes and shoots can be spread out along the boundaries of the site. Overwintered Colorado beetles smell them, crawl towards them from all over the site. It remains to collect and destroy them.

Potato sprouts have long been used in folk medicine and homeopathy. Infusions, decoctions of them are used for pain relief, wound healing, as anti-inflammatory drugs. They help strengthen blood vessels.

On the basis of sprouts, preparations are made for the treatment of skin, joint diseases, diseases of the oral cavity.

Sprouts that rotted tubers should not be placed in compost pits. Compost will contain bacteria for potatoes and tomatoes.

Potato: benefit and harm