Features of pruning money tree (Crassula)

Features of pruning money tree (Crassula)

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The fat woman, in common people called the money tree, is one of the most popular plants that can be found on the windows of residential buildings or apartments. It is very unpretentious to the conditions of growth and does not require additional conditions for normal development and reproduction. Therefore, even a novice flower lover will cope with the care of the money tree. Well, of course, some care is necessary when caring for a fat girl. This applies to periodically pruning the plant and pinching the shoots.

To cope with this task, you must have a certain set of tools, such as:

  • secateurs to remove unwanted shoots;
  • ordinary knife;
  • scissors from a manicure set.

Cropping Methods

In order for the plant to develop normally and look beautiful, it is necessary to trim it. In addition, this operation contributes to the renewal of the plant and the enhanced growth of new shoots. However, pruning should be done only at certain times for this, when the vegetative system of the flower is at rest, and the operation will not harm its development. The technique for carrying out such work depends a lot on the age of a particular plant and its condition.

Young plant

If the money tree is young, it is recommended not to prune it, but to pinch it to slow its growth and give an impetus to the intensive growth of lateral shoots.

In order to properly pinch, you must first carefully examine the plant. On the upper part of the main trunk of the Crassula there is a small kidney called a growth point. She is responsible for the development of the plant in height and makes it possible to grow young leaves.

It is necessary to gently pry this bud with a sharp object so as not to damage the leaves nearby. For this, nail scissors are suitable. If you decide to do this with your fingers, then the movement of the hand should be careful and twisting. After a certain period of time, the flower will begin to develop shoots located on the sides of the central stem.

If your plant has several very developed lateral shoots, and you want to give it a more rounded shape, you will also have to pinch the buds of these processes. As a result, the active growth of their lateral shoots and the formation of young leaves on them will begin.

Adult fat woman

To make an adult money tree neat and beautiful, you need a full pruning. In this case, you need a pruner for pruning garden plants or a regular sharp knife.

Before starting to cut the plant, you need to inspect it, and outline which of the branches need to be cut to get the desired shape. Then you can start work, and gradually, branch by branch, cut off unnecessary shoots to achieve the desired result. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the cut level is a few centimeters higher, which is in the sleeping state of the growth kidney. Only in this case, the plant will begin to develop more actively and delight everyone with its appearance.

How to grow a money tree